Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Food, Food, Glorious Food!

Emree is a wonderful combination of her parents. Tyler has always been curious. Danielle has always loved eating. Curiosity and Eating equals Emree! How Cute. How Messy.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Bakers take California by Storm!

I have been bugging my family to come to California since I moved here. I am such a home body and love spending time with my family anyways, but I knew we would have a blast in our little vacation spot. We spent time PARTYING and GATHERING! (as Easton's fortune cookie demanded we should). We gathered at Harry Potter, we partied at the pool. We gathered at the beach, we partied at In 'N' Out. We gathered at the Spectrum, we partied at Sea World. We ate great and we stayed up late. I love love love my family and I hope they had as much fun as I did.

Kenzie stayed longer and we got a little sister bonding in. It went by sooo fast, but Emree, Ty, and I loved having her in our home. She played with Emree and got a tan with me by the pool. I love Kenzie and wish we were closer in age. She is one of the prettiest young woman I know, inside and out. She makes me remember to smile and this last week made me even more excited to spend so much time with her in the near future.

Also this week... Tanner got home from his mission! Tyler's brother Tanner just returned home from a two year mission in Estonia. He is doing great and you can tell his testimony of the gospel has grown and grown. It is so fun to have him back. He is pretty smitten with Emree and it is very cute.

Life has been so wonderful. I think the stress of being pregnant and then having a new baby has finally wore off and we are just enjoying our life. I often need a little reminder to just calm down and take things as they come. This last two weeks was all about family and I loved it. Life doesn't get any better.

Now my pictures are few because my mom was the one flashing her pics, but here are just a few moments of Emree ty caught.

This is Emree finding some sunglasses with Dad. She is getting ready to be a super model. Work it!

But all that modeling wore her out and she crashed while rooming around the Spectrum with Easton and Dad.
These Flamingos were at Sea World, but look for their future appearance... drum roll please...Kenzie swears she is doing a Flamingo theme wedding.

Emree always looks pretty cute to go the beach...I just can't help, but love that face. Grandma bought her a new hat while she was visiting. It seriously melts my heart.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shots, Stitches, and Sunburns!

We have been to the beach only twice, but that first time we were burned pretty bad. We finally got up the courage to go again and trust me we wore lots of sun screen. 

     Emree got her 4 month shots. She did really good. She had minimal crying and mostly slept. I do like the before and after pictures though.

"Dad, Mom, Where are we?"

"I think I like this place. It is pretty fun!"

"I hated everything about that and now I will ignore you the rest of the day!

    We are watching Ty's sisters while his parents go to Estonia to pick his brother up from his mission. Of course Mandi had to pay a small trip to the emergency room on our watch. She cut her knee open in her friends car. Ty (the awesome big brother that he is) took her to the ER where they waited pretty much all night. 9 stitches later she is good to go! 
     Needless to say, we probably won't have to baby sit to often.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Beach Time!

We took Emree to the beach with our new friends Blake and Ashley. It was her first time. Do you think she liked it?