Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Life is full of firsts...

1. We had our FIRST family vacation. We went to Palm Springs for Spring Break. We partied with the Johnsons, swam at the pool, went to the zoo, and even got to go shopping (golfing for Ty)!

2. Ty built his FIRST shed. It is to store all of the stuff our kids are so quickly growing out of. Of course it will store other stuff as well.

3. Emree spent her FIRST night in her big girl bed. There was only 20 minutes of crying and the best part is she seems to think she can't get off it with out my help, YEAH!

4. Jesse had his FIRST round of immunizations. He is 15 pounds and 9 ounces. I am not sure what his height was exactly, but he was way above 100 percentile for height and weight and his poor little head was in the 50th percentile. Emree was in the 95th for height and 80th for weight.

5. That is not the FIRST time I have had to do a quick blog catch up and I am sure it won't be the last.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Phone.

We all have our time wasters, our addictions; those annoying things we do that bug our spouses or our mothers or possibly both. I can rattle off my spouses (cough cough cell phone and a stupid computer game), but I won't. He could just as easily point out mine. However, it seems most people share the addiction of the cell phone. If you live with a teenager you know exactly what I mean. You could be doing the most fun thing in the world and they would be texting while doing it. It is enough to drive you crazy. My married life has never been the same since my husband got his i-phone. He is not texting his peeps, but looking up things constantly on the internet. He knows the weather in Arkansas, the score of the latest football game, what's going on fb, what's going on on Kacey's blog (he only reads kacey's), what test he needs to study, what e-mail needs his attention and any other number of things. His phone is enough to drive you crazy or should I say ME crazy.

Emree wants to be just like her Dad. These two are buddies. When she was one she would steal his deodorant and put it on. When Dad gets home she claps for joy. She wants to shower with Dad, study with Dad, and eat with Dad. She seriously loves her Dad. I would like to say I was her second love, but sadly it isn't true. She has recently discovered that she can't go anywhere with out her pink phone. Maybe I come in third?

* My husband is amazing and he has many wonderful things he does with the rest of his time. For example: he built me shelves last weekend, made dinner this week, studies all the time, and is the best dad ever... just so you know

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Popcorn popping?

I have officially given up dairy for Jesse. It has been the solution! He is now as happy as can be. So, with no more popcorn to fill my nights there is also no more crying. YEAH!!!

Here is to 6 dairy free months...