Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Convergence.

They came from the North. They came from the South. They came from the East. And we live almost as far west as you can. They came, we celebrated, and then they were off. It was such a fun day and a half!

There is nothing better than family and sometimes nothing more stressful. I just felt like with such long trips to get here it better be fun or worth it. Tyler always chuckles at me and tries to remind me that they are just coming to see us, but I still have this fear that they will leave wishing it could have been better. This time, however, I really am not sure it could have (except for if my Dad and Kenzie could have been here, but we totally understand).

The BYU game was definitely the highlight. Then I forced everyone to go sightseeing even though it wasn't too exciting. We spent about an hour at Old town and then our sightseeing was up. Baker trips have always been surrounded by were we can eat, not what can we see. Then we BBQ for dinner and ended the day at the Mall. Everyone loves a little shopping, especially when we grew up in a town with out one. Now the day was great, but bedtime was a disaster. Emree seriously lost it and went to bed screaming. Tyler then layed down with her in her room until 11:30. Then he had to come out and show her that everyone was gone before she gave in. Who can blame her, I wouldn't want to miss the fun. Jesse slept through it all in true baby fashion, but it actual made the day that much more enjoyable.

Emree and her icecream

Tanner (Ty's brother) and his girlfriend Hillary

Aliza (Ty's sister)

Mandi (Ty's sister)

Tyler's Dad

My mom, brother Jordan, brother Quinn and his new wife Brittany with my third brother Easton on the chair behind the couch


Quinn and Brittany

We have early church and it the day started out like any other... I slept through my alarm, panicked. Tyler came to the rescue and we drove very fast to get to church on time because I had the opening prayer. Jesse was awake during his blessing, but didn't make a cry or a fuss and that was a miracle.

I love love love having family around. I love the company, the jokes, the laughter, and the love that it brings into my home. I love celebrating the birth of a new member of our family. Someone that they all love no matter what and knowing that my children have a huge support system. I love blessings. I love seeing my husband use his priesthood to bless the lives of our children. And I love looking forward to the next time I get to see them all again... soon I hope!

Thank you for coming from 7 hours south, 11 hours east, and 14 hours north east. Thank you!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bed Head

I just thought life would be a little different. You know when you are growing up and setting goals. You are always asked where you see yourself in five years or ten years. When I was 18, I was Miss Moses Lake and had to do a lot of interviewing. That was a question I had to answer a million times. It has now been 5 years and here I am. On paper I am exactly who I wanted to be. I graduated from BYU in Sociology (I thought I would have graduated in Athletic Training which was definitely not for me), but I graduated. I am married to a pretty amazing guy. I have two children and I stay at home and take care of them every day. In my mind I pictured myself much more put together, organized, motivated and let's be honest, prettier. I pictured myself as the person who had it all. Okay, so I am still working on it. I am working on getting it all put together, but I think we constantly are. We are also constantly comparing our worsts selves to other peoples very best. We see what they allow us to see and in turn we only allow them to see parts of our lives. For example, I have the worst hair when I wake up in the morning (every girl on drill team could attest to that). I don't take pictures of myself when I wake up and put them on my blog. I share the pictures I take after I have showered, blow dried, sprayed, and controlled the mane. We are definitely not expected to wake up looking like they do in the movies. So, here is to BED HEAD! metaphorically and literally.

p.s. My Bed Head these days is that most days I don't shower, I have a hard time keeping my house vacuumed, and I wish I would get to reading my scriptures more.

Monday, February 21, 2011

6 weeks...

I can't believe it has been six weeks since baby Jesse arrived. Crazy! At night it seems longer, much longer. But right now while he is napping and Emree is napping it seems like it has flown by. We are getting excited to bless him this weekend and to have family around too. There is nothing better than seeing all the amazing family in our lives and all the men who have blessed my life gather around our little man and give him a name and a blessing. When Emree was blessed Quinn (one of my brothers) and Tanner (Ty's brother) were on their missions. So, we are extremely excited to have them both here for Jesse.

If you are unsure what a baby blessing is, here is the definition from the church's website :

Naming and Blessing Children
“Every member of the church of Christ having children is to bring them unto the elders before the church, who are to lay their hands upon them in the name of Jesus Christ, and bless them in his name” (D&C 20:70). In conformity with this revelation, only worthy men who hold the Melchizedek Priesthood may participate in naming and blessing children. The ordinance of naming and blessing children requires authorization from the presiding authority.

When blessing a baby, men who hold the Melchizedek Priesthood gather in a circle and hold the baby in their hands. When blessing an older child, brethren place their hands lightly on the child’s head. The person who gives the blessing:

1. Addresses Heavenly Father.
2. States that the blessing is given by the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood.
3. Gives the child a name.
4. Gives a priesthood blessing as the Spirit directs.
5. Closes in the name of Jesus Christ.

Friday, February 18, 2011

We have entered the TERRIBLE twos!

But today was far from terrible! I said to Ty, " I can hardly believe it has been two years since we had Emree. It feels like we were just dating." He turned to me and said, " That feels like FOREVER ago." :)

We celebrated Emree's birthday today. It was just the four of us and I love it that way! We went to the mall and let Emree go on the toys and the carousal. She loves getting out and about and she loves doing just about anything with her Daddy.

After nap times we opened presents, made mini pizzas, cupcakes, and watched a movie before tucking her in bed.I love this age because each time we opened something we had to open it all the way and play with it. She got a rail for her bed- we had to put it up. She got a doll house from Grandma - we had to put it all together and play. She got a potty - we had to try to go potty (no success). She got a fun wooden cupcake set- We had to open it and decorate away. Instead of making her a cake we let her make her own cupcake! IT WAS A MESS, but she LOVED ever minute!

Emree is always happy. She wakes up happy, she goes to bed happy and she almost always has a smile on her face. The only time she whines is when she is hungry (she gets that from me). She loves attention, even from strangers. She loves to sing, watch Disney movies, take baths, and play with any friend that comes her way. She is quite the talker and of course quite the dancer. We love watching her personality flourish and we are so blessed to have her in our family!

Emree I love you so much and I am so grateful Heavenly Father sent you to our home! Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

When you are outnumbered by your children...

I know I have been a little absent from blogging lately, but I am going to ignore that and share a funny experience.

Last week I traveled to Moses Lake with the two kids. The airport was a little bit of a nightmare, but of course we survived. However, we did have a few "fun" experiences along the way. On the way to Washington our bags were sent to New York instead of Pasco. It took them two days to get me my bag. No problem! I only had a four week old and a almost two year old with me. They definitely didn't need anything that I packed (sarcasm is oozing from my finger tips). Thank goodness for my mom, wal-mart, and a washer and dryer.

The way home got even better though. I had a layover in Portland and I was a little terrified of it. Picture this- me with a baby wrapped onto my belly, a backpack on my back, my purse in one hand, and holding Emree's hand with the other. We are cruising through the air-port when we find a bunch of toys. Emree wants to play and Jesse wants to eat. Against my better judgement I decide to nurse him. Emree was playing pretty well, but I looked away for one moment, when I looked up she was GONE! I started to panic. I had to hurry and compose myself and then look for her. Thankfully (if you can be thankful for this) she just wondered into the men's bathroom. I wondered in to get her back and no one stole my bags while I was gone.

15 minutes later she was putting on quite a show for those waiting for our plan. She was running up and down and screaming, "I am going to see my Daddy!" She was asking everyone if they were going to see their Daddy's too. It was really cute until she tripped and slammed her head into the wall just as everyone was starting to board. So, now imagine this- Me, with the baby wrapped to my belly, a back pack, a purse and Emree in my arms crying loudly. It was a long flight home, but a teenage girl decided to play with Emree on the plane and saved my life.

Oh the joys of traveling with kids!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Comfort Food

What is it about food that can make us so happy? I offer Emree a treat, any kind of treat, and she will do anything. She will clean up her room, she will go to bed, she will stop crying at the mention of a fruit snack, candy, ice cream, even an apple or orange. That is how we got Emree to take the picture with Jesse. I was holding an ice cream bar and in between every picture she got to have a lick. I know, slightly ridiculous and yet hilarious at the same time.

Most of the pictures didn't work because she had chocolate all over her face. Even as we speak she is eating popcorn.

But I promise you one thing, we do a lot of teeth brushing.

While I was pregnant I loved ice and popsicles. I ate them constantly. Today, Tyler came home from a meeting and a quick run to the store with some Oreos. I have been counting down the minutes until Emree goes to bed so that I can sit down in front of "Biggest Loser" and eat a few. The real reason for this post, however, is to say that it has been a LONG day and I really NEED those Oreos, but I also NEED to find a new comfort. I hate taking off baby weight :) What are your comforts?

Oh! Here is Jesse sleeping... he does that during the day!