Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Number Two!

This year was Ty and I's second Christmas married and our turn to be with the Andre Family in California. It was my first Christmas away from home and as hard as it was to be away from family... it was so fun to share such a special time of year with my second family. Christmas Eve was spent at the Suman's and we went caroling to the poor firemen who had to work. Then there was Christmas morning and a picture of us with a few of our presents and the presents we gave to Ty's family. Ty's Aunt Kelly comes down from Utah and spend Christmas in California and it was a blast to have her there. She also hooked us up with a little cookie decorating and it was honestly my favorite activity. (I decided that I want to decorate cookies for just about every holiday!) Lastly, what would a Christmas in California be like with out a trip to the beach? We didn't go on Christmas day because it was raining like crazy, but we went the Saturday after. It is always fun to see Ty smile when he digs his toes into the sand. This year Ty and I had a pretty big Christmas. The excited Baker grandparents gave us a crib and The excited Andre grandparents gave us a video camera! Ty and I have said over and over again to each other how thankful we are for every single gift we received on Christmas. We are definitely spoiled, but even more important we are thankful for eternal families. We are so excited for our new little girl to come into our lives and for the wonderful families she is going to be a part of. As we contemplate the birth of our Savior we also turn our hearts to the wonderful gift each baby is.  We couldn't have had a better second Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Low Quality Pictures

I guess my pictures weren't working so here they are again. They are pretty low quality, but for Christmas we are planning on giving each other a camera lol...So for now this is as good as it gets. Here is our beautiful tree, us at Ty's cousin's wedding and our home covered in snow!
          Love Always, 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Exciting Events!

I have definitely been taking a few weeks off from my blog because life has been crazy, but I thought I would give everyone a quick catch up on what we have done in the last three weeks!

1. Thanksgiving at the Bakers!
We drove up to Moses Lake and partied hard with my family to celebrate the holidays. I hadn't spent Thanksgiving with them since high school and it was such a blast. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is my grandpa's gravy, my mom's stuffing, watching "White Christmas," and playing lots of games. Ty also proposed the day after Thanksgiving two years ago.... so it will always be our special holiday.


2. Baby Shower in Washington!
If any or all of you read my mom's blog you probably know everything about my life, but I will just pretend you don't and tell you for myself. Peggy, Janet, Susan and more threw me a fabulous baby shower in Moses Lake.  Complete with wonderful friends, gifts, games and more. I do think that some of the girls cheated when it came to winning the games, but we will let that slide for now.


Okay, this isn't an exciting event, but it swept over our house like the plague. When I got home from a quick trip to Washington Ty was glued to the couch and sleeping for at least 24 hours, then one week later it was my turn. The flu is horrible no matter what, but let's just say it was dreadful pregnant. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, (the two things I love the most) and my body ached every where. Thank goodness it didn't last forever and my husband loves me no matter what. A few trips to the grocery store for sprite and crackers and I was as good as new. 

4. Finals are Over!
I am officially done with school forever! I finished my very last final of my very last semester and couldn't have been more excited. I have to pinch myself every once and a while to see if I am awake, but it is true... I am a college graduate. Ty is pretty excited to be done with finals too. He only has one more semester left at BYU, but he actually likes school (crazy). We are just glad we don't have to make the trek up to campus in all this snow!


5. Christmas is coming and so is the Baby!
I can't believe I only have 8 weeks left of pregnancy... depending on when this baby really decides to come. It has gone a lot faster then I expected and now I have an excuse to eat a lot over the holidays! lol (Here is a picture of Ty and I from this weekend when we went to his cousins wedding and another of our beautiful Christmas tree.)



Merry Christmas to everyone! Travel safe and know that we love you. We are so Thankful this holiday season for so many wonderful friends and family who truly care about us and support us in all that we do!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Knowing How Wonderful We Are!

I had a kind of sad experience at dance tonight. I teach five year olds on Tuesday nights. While they were practicing their Christmas dance, one girl just wouldn't smile. I have noticed it the last few weeks so I got on her case. I told everyone to smile and then I told everyone to show their teeth. Then I pointed her out specifically. At this point she broke into big crocodile tears. When everyone was changing into their tap shoes I asked her what was wrong. Ever so quietly she whispered, "My mom doesn't like it when I show my teeth." She has one of those five year old smiles full of all different sized teeth - some are huge, some are tiny and there are lots of spaces, but she is adorable. It reminded me of how fragile kids are and how self conscience we can make them. I try to tell my dancers how wonderful they are... don't we all need to hear that sometimes. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"He Works Hard for the Money!"

  Some people get to have the job they love. Some people settle for a job that will make them money. Ty has his job only for the insurance. One thing I love about my husband is his ability to have fun anywhere, even while moving boxes for UPS. I found this picture on his phone and thought it was hilarious. The next time you get a package at your door, remember the men that put it in the truck! "What can brown do for you?"

Friday, November 7, 2008

The belly shot!

           Two of my biggest fears in starting a blog have been realized. One: my life is not exciting to blog to the world about. Two: With out kids, it has become all about me. I will try to be interesting, witty, and exciting in the future, but today I just want to post the belly shot. I am 26 weeks pregnant. This means that I have 3 months and a week left to go. With this in mind,  I am looking pretty good (lol not to brag). 

          Today I talked Ty into skipping his classes and we went to Cafe Rio and the movies! I am a Baker and this means I LOVE my food and I LOVE my movies. I also love fall. . . may be it is the idea that both Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way that gets me in a cheery mood or maybe it is the fact that I can now cuddle up with hot chocolate and a blanket.

          Lastly, Today is Quinn's one year anniversary of missionary-hood. Quinn and I are so close in age that we were probably each others' best friend at some points and worst enemy at others. 
       As my enemy Quinn: 
1. Kicked out my front permanent tooth with his bare foot. I was ignoring him and I learned quickly that he really didn't like that. 
2. With Jordan as his accomplice, threw basketballs at my head any time I tried to cross the game room and they were in it. 
3. Always and I mean always took the t.v. remote by force and wouldn't give it back. 
4. Found out quickly that making fun of my zits in 8th grade really hurt my feelings. I definitely had a lot of zits in 8th grade. 
5. A lot of my friends thought he was cute... and that was simply unacceptable. 

    As my friend Quinn: 
1. Sang and danced all around the kitchen with me... my favorite memory of this was the Christmas Jordan was gone. We were trying to make everyone happy. Quinn has a way of making everyone happy. 
2. When we were little we use to bathe together and then Quinn would run down stairs and get his p.j.s and bring them into my room so that we could get dressed together. We were inseparable. 
3. Quinn could make you so mad one minute and then make you smile, by some quick remark (as long as he wasn't making fun of you). He is probably the fastest on his feet. 
4. Quinn is amazing with little kids. I remember when we had to take care of these little toddler twins. Quinn had them giggling and playing around in no time. It melted my heart.  
5. Quinn is very talented in every aspect of his life, but he never feels the need to steal the lime light. He let's others succeed and congratulates them and then he takes his turn when it is his turn. I love that about him.
We love you Quinn and Miss you!

Happy Fall!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tag - you're it!

I was tagged by my mom and so here goes nothing...

5 weird things about me:

1. Most people grow out of things they loved when they were little, but I remain addicted. I grew up loving Fun Dip and I still love it. I grew up loving popsicles by the box and I still eat them by the box. I grew up singing through entire CDs at one sitting and I still put on these private musical in the sanctity of my room or car. . . maybe someday I will grow up. 

2. Even though I am now married and live in my own house, I still feel the need to sneak food. I don't know if I have a fat kid complex or what. I like to eat when Tyler isn't at home... as if when he catches me eating I will get in trouble. 

3. I hate when people leave their drinking cups out. I follow poor Tyler around putting his cup in the sink after he takes even a little sip out of it. The weird part, however is although leaving a cup out will bug me, I can go weeks with out dusting. Maybe I should switch my priorities.

4. I don't like to try new things... Ty calls it a Baker phobia. We don't like to do new things because we don't like to do things we are bad at. We tend to only be involved in things in which we think we can succeed. My brother Quinn takes this to the extreme (and I love him for it), but I have the same weakness. 

5. I am a very emotional person. Any one who knows me at all know that I will cry at just about anything. I like to think it is because I am sensitive to others, but I think I am just sensitive. I don't hold grudges, I don't get upset with people easily, but I do cry. Tyler would like to say the pregnancy magnified this... but there is no possible way it could have -  I was already crying to the maximum!

Okay I am adding a sixth just so I don't end on a 'Debbie Downer'

6. I love old movies, t.v. shows and music. Some people may think I grew up 50 years ago. I love my "Petticoat Junction," "White Christmas" and anything Doris Day. When I am having a bad day my favorite thing to do is go to Arbys and buy a Jr. Arby's Adventure Meal with  Jamocha shake and sit down to watch an old musical. Most of the time I like to watch the movie alone so that I am free to sing the songs out loud. 

Tag you're it: Liberty, Crystal, Ashley, Cassidy, and Stephanie.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Becoming a Daddy!

I love this picture of Ty with our friend's baby. This is Trey Sherman and every time I see Ty playing with him it reminds me how great of a daddy he is going to be...

First comes love, then comes marriage...

... then comes the baby in the baby carriage. Ty and I couldn't be more excited about having a new little girl in our lives. I think the only people more thrilled then us our the new grandmas. Grandma Lori can't stop making baby bracelets and bows. Last night I got the cutest new p.j.'s for baby Andre! Grandma Bonnie keeps making purchases as well. In fact, the baby's wardrobe has been added to by Aunt Pauline and Brittany, Tanae, Lexy and even Grandma Jewkes. Little baby Andre is so excited that she won't stop doing flips in my belly (honestly). My pregnancy has been wonderful so far. I haven't gotten sick and I am not to big yet - I hear it is only downhill from here. Wish me luck!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Ty took me to the driving range on Saturday. It was my first time ever swinging a real golf club (although I would have to say I am a mini-golf pro). I broke his driver in half and missed most of the golf balls by about 6 inches. I may not be the next Tiger Woods, but we did have a few laughs.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"A Whole New World!"

I promised myself that I wouldn't start blogging until I had a child. I know I am still 17 weeks away from that point in my life, but I am going to start blogging anyways. I am struggling with the cute designs and best lay-outs, but for now I will claim that simple is better (even though i don't believe that to be true). Everyone I know has a blog and I have been feeling left out :). So, whether I have anything interesting to say or not - I am joining this part of the world.

Right now Ty and I are in school. Ty is working for UPS and doing medical school interviews. I am teaching dance and getting bigger. We are pregnant! If you didn't now yet... and I am due February 13th. A little girl will be gracing us with her presence around Valentine's Day and I am just hoping she is as cute as my little niece Cambree.

I recently got back from a trip to New York City and had a blast with my mom, Peggy, and Janet. It was the most amazing trip of my life and the only downfall was the swollen ankles on the ride home (I guess I really am pregnant). I don't mean to brag... but I got to go to both "Phantom of the Opera" and "Wicked" (THANK YOU PEGGY) with my mom and let's just say this baby is going to come out appreciating good music! I don't have many pictures on my computer right now... but I promise I will get better at this blogging thing as I go. . .