Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Therapy: Sippin'

My kids watch me like a hawk. Yes, like a bird watches it's prey. Waiting... waiting for the moment I will look away. The moment of complete opportunity. You know, those opportunities that come once in a life time. The kind of moments that allow you to hide in the dollar store, or steal a piece of candy... the kind of moments where you can sip somebody's beer.


Yep. That is what Jesse did today. Some lovely person left their can of something or other that contained alcohol open outside the zoo. My lovely little Messy Jesse found it and had himself a little sip before I could get over there and take it away.

The best part was that he spilt it on himself and so he smells of a late night party. Well, now I can officially say that my one year old has had more to drink then I have had my whole life :).

What a moment.