Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I need advice.

Nothing can be worse than the words, "No Mommy! No!!" Except for...

-Throwing Food
-Fake Crying
-Dumping Out Crackers

I think that about sums it up. I know it is all about finding your independence. Just don't tell me it gets worse.

I just feel bad that I get so happy when I look back and see this...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goodbye Sugar and Spice... HELLO FROGS AND SNAILS!

Presenting the most marvelous news... the Andres are having a baby boy! We are so excited. Now, it is not that we necessarily cared what sex the baby turned out to be, but it is all in the knowing. It was a hassle to say the least for me to find a doctor and get in for an ultrasound. In fact, I am 21 weeks and we thought we were going to have to wait 4 more weeks before we even got to this point, but a little tender mercy and someone canceling their appointment made our week!

So, it is now time to pack up all the little bows and bracelets and embrace the blue (Hopefully his eyes will be as blue as Emrees)!

He was a little shy today. He had his legs crossed and the umbilical chord running in between them. The ultrasound tech was ready to give up. She turned to us and said, " Well, I think we are done here." Done? Was she kidding me? Tyler ever so slyly inquired if we had another ultrasound or if this was the only chance we had to find out the sex of the baby. He calmly joked about what color we should decorate the babies room and how will we know what to buy. Hook, Line, and Sinker. She said she would be right back. Another ultrasound tech came in to see if she could determine the sex. I laid on my right side, then rolled to my left. A few wiggles here and there and finally... drum roll please...BOY! (or as the lady exclaimed, " a pee pee".)

Emree didn't get any of it. She did love laying next time me on the table though...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

If you could only imagine...

I didn't have a camera, nor would it have done the situation justice, but picture this...
-Saturday night
-An open bag of Oreos
-One Happy little Smile
-Two filthy little hands
-Three tired Andres
-30 minutes of munching while we shopped

It is kind of funny what a parent might do in a moment of desperation.

What have you done?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Funny Thing About Friends...

When you are born you inherit friends. Whoever, your parents are friends with, you become friends with their kids. Those initial friends tend to stick because your parents force you into the same activities and classes and you enjoy every second of it. My very best friend growing up was Tanae. We did everything together because we had parents that enjoyed each other and we were the same age. We danced, we sang, we played the piano, we went to school together, church together and had many a sleep overs.

Then you hit college and you are forced to make new friends on your own. Friends you have never met before. Sometimes you are forced into friendships because you live with them (I loved my roommates). Sometimes you find friends in unexpected places. But they can just be people you click with. You, no family, just you.

Boom! You are married and you have to find friends for the two of you. Not just friends you like, but friends he likes. Being married to Tyler makes that easy. He likes everyone. (We are a little loud though, so not everyone likes us).

KABOOM! The cycle starts all over because you have a kid. Now, you have to find friends for you, him, and this new little munchkin. What Pressure!

Newest Friend Making experience: Emree and I went to the Library Reading Time. It was free and I figured, what the heck! She didn't do well, but mostly because I didn't bring snacks. I didn't know all the kids would be sitting there eating there delectable treats right in front of my child's pouty lip. She just stared at them, hoping any second they would throw something her direction. No one did and so we said "BYE" after about 15 minutes. That is when we headed to the swings just outside the library. There they were. Two new friends and they didn't even know it, we didn't even know it. In fact. if we had we would have been even more excited. I put Emree in a swing right next to a little boy her size and a Mom that looked kind of fun like me. One conversation later and phone numbers exchanged.

I think we are going to enjoy our friendship with Katie and Mason. Now, we just have to see if their Dad clicks with our Dad.
(Emree and Mason at...the ZOO-where else?!)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Too Legit to Quit!

It is now legit! Tyler is becoming a Doctor. They had their induction ceremony on Saturday and today school really began. The induction ceremony is kind of like graduation, but at the beginning. Tyler got his white coat and stethoscope. They walk down the aisle of a scottish band (why a scottish band? we don't know).

They announce their names one by one as they pick up their stethoscopes and there were a few very good speakers.
This is a picture of two of the guys Tyler has made friends with. There are a group of them that like to go play basketball together.

Here is a picture of our new friends the Mitchells. Rachel Mitchell is the only other person in Tyler's class of 100 students that is LDS. Bindi is one and Emree already thinks they are best friends. She tries to force her to take toys and stuffs food in her mouth.

The family!

It definitely made it all seem more real and it was fun to celebrate this exciting start. It was a long journey here and it will be an even longer journey to the finish line, but I am so very proud of Tyler and all he has accomplished (with my help of course :)). We always say that WE are going to medical school because WE are a team. I think it is kind of funny because Ty gets to go through most of the hard part. Me- I just get to swim and go to the zoo. Okay, so maybe my role isn't quite that easy. After the induction ceremony we went out to dinner. Did I mention that Emree loves lettuce wraps and pop?