Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cute as can BEE!

Or at least we think so!

Emree, Ty and I dressed up for a trunk or treat. I have been waiting for Halloween since the days she was born. Nothing is cuter then babies in costumes!

This is her with Mandi!

Brian refers to this picture as "EmBEE!"

We can't wait to put this costume back on for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dr. Andre!

We are feeling ...
Awesome, Blissful, Cheerful, Delighted, Enthusiastic, Freaked out, Gratitude, Happiness, In seventh heaven, Jolly, ticKled, Loved, over the Moon, on cloud Nine, On top of the world, Peaceful, Quiet, Radiant, Satisfied, exhilarated, Thrilled, Unbelieving, joVial, Wonderful, joYful and amaZed.

Ty was accepted to both A.T. Still University (Mesa) and R.V.U. (Denver). "Dr. Dre is in da' House!"
I love you Ty.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

All Moms.

All moms think their kids are the cutest.
All moms think their kids are the smartest.
All moms think their kids are the sweetest.

Emree is the cutest, and the sweetest . . . but she is a little slow.

She will be 8 months on Sunday. Tonight I saw her scoot!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Interview October!

Ty's interviews are our life right now. We have been to two different states and last week Ty went to his first interview with out us and his third state. Denver was his final destination. He flew in the morning and back in the evening, but he seemed to have a wonderful day. The funny thing is Denver has always been Ty and my's inside joke. Ty loves California and I love Moses Lake, or we both just like being close to our families. We knew we would have a hard time picking a final place to end up and so we have always joked that it would be Denver. Meanwhile, neither of us had really been to Denver or had a connection there. Funny story, Ty loved it. Maybe it will be our new home... we will see.

Emree and I drove with Ty to Sacramento, another first for me. We had so so so much fun. Kristy Earl got us a hotel that was across the street from UC Davis. It was perfect because Ty walked to his interview! We spend our first day in Sacramento in "Old Sacramento." We did a scavenger hunt (made for kids older then Emree, but younger then us) and had a blast just looking around. Ty is so fun to go sight seeing with because he just makes me laugh. He will talk to anyone and everyone and he loves looking for clues.

Here is the school and Ty at it. On the day of his interview it rained the hardest it had ever rained in Sacramento since 1962. Just our luck!

Sometimes part of being married means you get to be supported and in some instances you need to be the one supporting the other. Ty wants to be a doctor more than anything and I just want to see him achieve that. This interview process has been one of ups and downs, but one with constant prayer.WE have grown closer to each other and realized that we don't care about the school, we want to go where the Lord wants us, but we do want to go somewhere. Ty needs your love and prayers. We need them. Ty has always been by my side and I am so thankful to be by his!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Would you like to swing on a star?

Who doesn't love a sunny afternoon at the park? It was Emree's first time on the swings, slide and more! Sometimes it is just nice to get out of the house.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Look Outside!"

I am finally getting to posting Arizona! We went to Arizona last weekend and had a wonderful time.

The night before we left Tyler lost $20 and we were pretty sad. We were searching high and low for it and then Brian sent us a text saying, "Look Outside below your window." Ty wandered out our front door and were surprised by this...

Tyler then texted Brian and asked how he knew the money was there. But I guess what he really wanted us to see was this!

Thanks Andres! We loved our snacks.

Ty had interview number two at ATSU in Mesa, Arizona. The school has a wonderful campus and he looked pretty dang good at it, if I do say so myself. He felt like the interview went really well and Arizona looked pretty good to Em and I.

We stayed at the Andre's friends the Wardrops. They have a wonderful home and it was so fun to meet them. Here is Tami and Emree.

We also hung out with some of our friends from Africa. My friend Stacey has a little boy Camden who Emree spent some time with. Camden is 3 months older and way more advanced. He is a cutie and it was fun to see him.

The car ride was a little longer, but once again it was fun to go on a little adventure with Ty.

Ty will interview at Midwestern in Glendale, Arizona later this month. We checked out their campus while we were there... which one does he look better at?

I am so proud and excited for Tyler and this stage in his life! He is so talented and I can not wait to watch him succeed (got to brag about my honey)!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Tonight we had the Family Home Evening Lesson with out Emree, but Dad let her have some of the treat!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Emree loves to play tag!

Emree got tagged and got her first tooth (number two is right on it way)! Here goes nothing . . .

1) What is your favorite food?
Em loves carrots, which is funny because so do I. Of course I love my carrots roasted with gravy and she likes hers mushed, but it is similar.
2) What are some of your favorite things to do?
Em loves to eat, stand, and yell. Of course me too!
3) What is one of your pet peeves?
If anyone touches her nose she flips, she also hates getting out of the tub.
4) What is your favorite book?
She has a wonderful felt quiet book that Susan Pyle made her and she already likes unsnapping the butterflies and then mommy snaps them back on.
5) What do you want to be when you are older?
A dancer duh (okay she didn't say that I did).
6) What nice things do you do for mommy and daddy?
Sometimes I actually will take nap for mom and dad and sometimes I will sit and play by myself.
7) What naughty things do you do around your house?
Mostly Em is just naughty as she eats and trys to steal the spoon and flick food everywhere.
8) What words do you like saying?
Just screaming.
9) What do you and your daddy do together?
My daddy throws me in the air and lets me eat whatever I want.
10) What do you and your mommy do together?
My mommy does everything for me, but our favorite thing is bath time.
I tag Scarlet, Megan, and Ali!