Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have always enjoyed the Zoo. Maybe it is because my mom does. She likes having activities and when we were little going to the Zoo was always an adventure. Plus, if you know my mom, you know that she is always the first to buy treats. That is what makes the Zoo amazing. Looking at the monkeys while munching on cotton candy. So, it was no surprise that the first thing I wanted to spend money on in Sacramento was a Zoo Membership Pass. I know Emree is still little, but it was pretty cheap and I figured I could have an outdoor activity that was safe and helped me keep my sanity. Tyler went with us the first time, but today Emree and I went by our selves. It is only 1.7 miles away from our house. It is free for one guest... Does anybody want to come visit? (I might even buy you a treat.)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turning a house into a home... Part 1

It always feels a little lonely to show up in an empty apartment with bare walls and no furniture and think "this is the place." I can only imagine what the pioneers thought as Brigham Young proclaimed that in Salt Lake. I would have thought to myself... why couldn't he have said that months or weeks ago. But here we are in our new house that somewhat resembles a blueberry and everyday becomes a little more "ours" and a little less generic.

Our Couch History:
Our first couch was given to us by the Carters when we got married. We loved it! But it was very old and not worth too much moving and so we left it in Provo. Our second Couch we got free on Craigslist. It looked only slightly better than free, but was comfy and was fine for 7 months in Irvine. Then we lived at my parents where we got to mooch on their couch. Trust me, if you haven't sat on it, you should, it is comfy. So, here we are in Sacramento couch-less. We had saved a some money for moving and so we decided to spend a little on an inexpensive, but nice new couch for our time here. We will be here at least four years and as anyone knows you spend a lot of your time on any good couch. So, we picked out our favorite in our price range and trucked it home (only a 15 minute drive). Kenzie, my mom, Tyler and I attempted to shove it in. There was one problem. It did NOT fit. Not only did it NOT fit, but we had slightly scuffed it in all our huffing and puffing. So, we couldn't return it and we couldn't get it in the house. Everyone was distraught, but especially Tyler. If you know Ty at all you know he is a problem solver. If there is a solution he will find it. There was no solution.
A few prayers and a good night sleep later and who could imagine the answer... Jean (the general contractor) decided that he had remodeled the entry way so that it was too tight for anything to get in and so he would just take part of the wall out. Who knew! So, a little wall removing here and there and we now have a couch ladies and gentleman!

Welcome to Sacramento!

Friday, July 23, 2010


We got internet this morning actually. I couldn't have been more excited. So, finally we are connected to the outside world! YEAH.
I did want to announce one little thing before too much time had past. I am 16 weeks pregnant! We are very excited to add another addition to our family and just hope they are as cute as our first! Pictures and stories to come...