Tuesday, April 20, 2010

FHE Picnic

Spring has its good and bad. Spring means yard work. Spring means Grandpa Baker disappears because of planting. Spring means spring cleaning. BUT there are also a lot of great things about this time of year. One of those is that you can finally go to the park. So, last night for FHE we had a picnic. Grandma Baker made us some delicious food and Emree enjoyed every minute of it! ( Tyler and my Mom were there, they just ended up on the other end of the camera.)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Three Random Happenings...

ONE: Some kids cry because they don't want to get their diaper changed, Emree cried yesterday because she wanted me to put her pants on her head. So, like any respectable mother...I did.

TWO: It is a very sad day when your child figures out how to twist off lids. Emree got the mascara lid off and started applying it to her eye, all in the matter of two seconds. The sad face is because I took it away.

THREE: Lastly, this is a picture of Emree this morning. Her face is the one she gets when she wants me to change the song on my Ipod to something better. I told her, "What could be better than Glee 'Hate on Me'."

Monday, April 12, 2010

The way you move...

There has been a lot of booty shaking around our house lately. I think we have a dancer in our midst. (The only thing we aren't sure about is why she licks the table?)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

One year old Photos...Finally

We went to get her pictures and she wouldn't smile. Not even in the slightest. So, here are the pictures we got. They aren't amazing, but she is still pretty cute for such a little stinker!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Trip!

So, we braved the twelve hour drive with a one year old and headed down to Utah for a chance to see family.
I was a little disappointed with myself because I didn't take very many pictures, but we did have a very fun time.

Our first stop was Provo. We stayed at my cousin Liberty's house. It was the best! We got to see her and David and stay up all night playing Labyrinth. ( David won every time so he enjoyed it a little more then everyone else).

We also saw our friends the Shermans. Here are Emree and Trey playing with Tyler and stealing a kiss...We know they will probably never date because Emree will be taller then Trey, but hey, parents can dream.

We got to go to dinner with Jordan and Quinn (my brothers). Emree loves them so much! We always joke that they are really great with the older ladies and the young young ladies. What Ladies Men :). The cute girl with Quinn is his girlfriend Brittany. We really like her!!!

On Thursday Ty's family came to Utah and we got to spend some time with them in Park City. Unfortunately that is where the pictures stopped because I got really sick. I mean really sick. Chills, aches and pains, nausea, headaches, and list goes on. So, while we enjoyed our time with them, I don't have single picture with them. SAD! We Mostly watched conference, but we did a little hot tubbing, shopping, and the boys went sledding. Everyone had a good time, minus my sickness.

However, I did recover enough on Easter to catch Ty and Emree opening their baskets from Mom and the Easter Bunny (we collaborated). Emree was not in the picture mood. All she wanted to do was the throw the eggs down really hard on the floor so they would open up and reveal a new little treat. Thank Goodness I filled most of hers with raisins and goldfish so that we wouldn't have a chocolate overdose.

Then we drove home. Twelve more hours in the car, 10 of which Emree spent awake begging for attention, and we are back home. Got to love a good family vacation!