Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom, Do I Look Fat?

I am so glad we don't do monthly posts on our weight, height, and possibly bust size. While we goo and gah over the littlest weight gain of our stunning children, we definitely hope we are not joining them. It is not like I am complaining about my current predicament. I knew my body would have to do a little struggling to find it's way back from pregnancy pounds. So, everyone out there (lol) don't lose hope. I will return to (almost) my normal self soon, but for now here are Emree's stats. 

Weight: 12 lbs. 8 ounces
Height: 23 Inches
Head: I can't remember... but she is only in the 23 percentile. She didn't get the Baker head folks.

She is smiling a lot. Especially up at her mobile. She just discovered her right hand and loves to watch it. She also makes little cat like noises. Her and I have way too much fun together and I never get anything I need to done, but hey who cares.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blue is my Favorite Color.

Future BYU Graduate!

The whole group... minus Dad.

Supporting each other!

 School has always been very important in our family. I remember growing up and writing my school goals down at the beginning of every new year. On my list was always to get into BYU, but I never really thought past that. On Friday Ty and I got to walk together. It was a moment I never thought I would have. I know getting a good education is important. I wanted my education, not to have that perfect job, but to be a better mother, to be a better wife, and to be a better person. I hope everything that I have learned at BYU has taught me how to become more like my Savior. I love Ty and I am so proud of all that he has accomplished too. I am so thankful my mom could be there, and that both of Ty's parents could be apart of our weekend. It was so fun to have my mom stay at the house and to watch all the grandparent's eyes light up as they played with Emree. I missed my Dad a lot, but I know that my education would never have been possible with out him. I did learn a thing or two at school... like I can't sleep through classes at BYU and get As, Science is not my strong suit, and you never want to be an over commenter in class (you know the students who forgot they aren't the teachers). I hate to admit that I am going to miss school... but I do love spending so much time with my baby!

Monday, April 20, 2009

ML, Cali, and Poo!

I have not been very good at keeping up on the blogging. Life has been busy and yet not at the same time. Ty, Emree, and I went to Moses Lake for Easter, California for fun and in between we have had many poo disasters...dun dun dun.

Emree slept through her first Easter egg dying experience. We still color hard boil eggs, but realized that not one of us like to eat them. So, we had Easton make us some italian sodas after and they were "um-um-good".

Emree smiles a lot like her Dad. This is a picture of her in Easter dress! She showed it off for Easter in Washington and at church in California.

Ty, Emree, and I are actually headed to California for the summer. Ty has a great opportunity selling food storage and who wouldn't want to live by the beach the summer before medical school.

Lastly, Emree has a new "thing" she has been doing. We all know that once you have a child a lot of potty language enter your vocabulary as their bodily functions become so important to your every day checklist. Emree has started not pooing for a day or two and then seriously exploding. I would be worried about it, but she is a very happy baby so I am just dealing with it. However, I do need to become better at changing these huge messy diapers. After getting home from a long day of travel this is a picture of her in action...

I know this is a slightly graphic image, but it really captures what we are dealing with. I am not sure I am a talented enough goalie to block that shot.

After all that we have been up to... Emree is literally just pooped!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Together Forever!

The most exciting thing about the gospel is the message that families can be together forever. Like most things, I never knew how much that would mean to me until I was married and it meant even more when little Emree was born. One of the biggest milestones in Emree's short life happened this last friday. On friday night Tyler, Grandpa Baker, Grandpa Andre, Uncle Jordan, Great Uncle Mike, and Great Uncle Oren gave Emree a name and a blessing. Tyler did an amazing job. I know he was really nervous and spent a lot of time thinking and praying about what he should say. The blessing he gave Emree was absolutely beautiful. It reminded me why I married such a thoughtful man. Tyler and I were also very excited that our families sacrificed and took the long drive to Utah. And a big thanks to all of those who were able to be a part of Emree's special night. She looked beautiful, she didn't even fuss, and she didn't mess up her dress... Does a night get any better then that?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go!

So, we took a plane to Washington! Emree and I strolled through the airport together and slept through our flight together. Emree was great on the plan, but not so wonderful at Drill Team competition. Maybe she could sense that it wasn't a great day for all of us Molahiettes. Anways, she also got to meet three very important people for the first time: Whitney, Uncle Easton, and Grandpa Baker. Emree has Grandpa Baker's dimple chin and Baker baby written all over her. Emree also met her cousin Jenna who is 6 months old (James and Nikki's baby). Washington was a blast, Emree got held by everyone, cuddled constantly by Grandma and Kenzie, I got Rootbeer Italian Sodas made by Easton, played Lips for the first time, and just got to be with my family- which never happens when I go to Moses Lake ( I am usually just teaching dance). Emree and I can't wait to take Daddy with us to Washington in a week!