Monday, September 27, 2010

A True Binkie Baby

A true binkie baby loves her binkie more than candy, more than a bottle, more than a blanket.

A true binkie baby knows two binkies are better than one.

A true binkie baby only takes her binkie out in between bites and to tell mommy "no"!

But even more than all of that, a true binkie baby did something last night that really made me giggle. I put our little binkie lover down for her night night and closed the door, but this time there was a lot of fusing. A true binkie baby has no time to fuss because they are too busy enjoying their binkie. Then I heard little cries, "Mommy, Binkie Please." I ignored them for five to ten minutes, but knew that she wouldn't calm down until I checked. Before I finish the story I must explain that my binkie baby is also obsessed with sticking things down her shirt and saying, "Where is it?" I always act as if I don't know and she magically pulls it out with a look of pride! Well, I opened the door to her room last night, walked over to her bed and discovered a very upset one and half year old in onesie pajamas. She had attempted to stick her binkie down her shirt and play "Where is it." However, the binkie had slid to far down her onesie too reach. A true binkie baby was very happy when I returned a trapped binkie. What a funny girl!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I like to think I am a pretty talented person. I love doing choreography and editing music. When it comes to placing dancers on a stage I can picture in my head how I want the number to go and most often (okay more often then not) it works out. However, this week I discovered something that I am not talented in...Cake decorating.

It was Ty's birthday and our car was in the shop. There was no running to the grocery store to pick up a cake mix and frosting. There was no walking because people, I live in a scary neighborhood. So, I attempted it all from scratch. I should have just made carmel corn.

It looked descent (Brittany I am here for your wedding cake? lol not really)

Emree still enjoyed walking by and sticking her fingers in it.

We tried some...It was gross.

Sorry Ty! Next time we will go with Betty Crocker.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Tyler!

I love birthdays because they give us the opportunity to celebrate amazing people in our lives. Today is the day to celebrate Tyler!
Tyler is talented, motivated, hard working and fun! Finding a spouse can kind of be like flipping a coin. You think a person is great, but will they be great forever?! So far, so good. There are so many great things about Tyler that I didn't even realize when I married him. I didn't realize how wonderful of a dad he would be. I didn't realize how much he cared about others and how considerate he is of Emree and my needs. I love him and I hope he has an amazing day and year!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'd rather be watching t.v. !

This weekend Ty gets a break from school. He has no new material to cover and won't have a test for two weeks. We haven't been in Sacramento for long, so we decided we would do what a tourist would do (a cheap tourist)! So, Saturday morning we woke up and headed off to "Gold Rush Days"! Ty and I were both optimistic that it would be fairly fun and it was FREE! Who can beat that? We even started the day off right by finding ourselves a FREE parking spot. (My mom always says close parking is worth paying and usually I would agree. However, FREE parking meant 5 bucks to spend on something else. Yipee!)

Q: So what exactly is "Gold Rush Days"?

A: They cover the streets of Old Town Sacramento with dirt, fill it with re-enactment actors, horses, gun shows, canons, the mormon battalion, bands, activities, and bam you are in the 1850s. Pretty sweet.

We panned for gold.

Found some.

Wished it was real.

Threw it back.

Enjoyed some pretty sweet gambling. Won some money. Wished it was real. Gave it back.

Watched a gun show.

Glad it was fake.

Emree loved watching the horses go up and down the streets. She could be found with her finger pointed outward, screaming, "Horsee, Horsee!" Multiple times through out the day. She was also pleased as punch when Daddy helped her pet a Donkey - who in her words says "HA HA". Lastly, she seemed to enjoy the music and we caught her dancing quite a few times.

BUT- from the look on her face in most (if not all) of the pictures, I am pretty sure she would rather be at home. Parked in front of the t.v. watching Tarzan and eating yogurt.

That was the happiest she got all day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Emree has a fascination with fish. Of all the animals at the zoo she loves the fish tank the most. Lions, boring. Monkeys, been there, done that. Giraffes, who cares. But a tank full of Koi, WOW! She will sit by the fish tank for 40 minutes or so before she gets bored. I think that might be better than Elmo.

Last night, Tyler got home from school and decided Emree needed her very own fish. We already owned a bowl, don't ask me why, and so we figure it would be a pretty inexpensive pet. Each fish only cost 25-cents so we thought "What the heck! Let's get two." 50-cents later and a handful of rocks, Emree was ecstatic. Who knew we were such great parents.

My high light of the night, however, was when Tyler thanked the man at the store for helping us and calmly proclaimed, " We'll be back to buy some more when these ones die." I am not sure the store owner appreciated that.

Tyler wants to know if this gets us out of ever having to own a puppy? I said no.
Do you have a favorite childhood pet?