Saturday, November 14, 2009

A very very very long trip!

Picture this:

We were moving our stuff from California to Washington. My brother Jordan filled his entire truck, every available space. We filled out entire car. From California to Utah we forgot one small thing, our car doesn't have a heater. This didn't affect us in the warm California fall, but on our 9 hour drive from Orange County to Provo (in the middle of the night) we were afraid we might freeze. Or should I say we were afraid Emree might freeze.

Sad to say, this story only gets worse.

We spent a few days in Utah and then we added a U-Haul full of stuff on to the back of Jordan's truck. We then put Ty in our car alone (because of the lack of heat) filled the rest of the car and hopped into Jordan's truck for a 12 hour trip.

We only made it to Treemonton. The car broke down at 6 o'clock p.m., just in time for all of the mechanic shops to be closed. Two hours later we abandoned it for someone to look at in the morning. Ty hopped into the warm truck with the rest of us and off we went.

Sad to say, this story gets worse.

We got to the Blue Mountains and found our selves out of gas between LaGrande and Pendleton. We had such short notice that we didn't quite get the truck off the road. It was lightly snowing and 2 am. The car died and so we couldn't turn on the hazards so the boys headed out to flash their phones. They were trying to get the Semi trucks to notice the car and someone to stop. A snow plow man, 5 gallons of gas, a jump, lots of prayers, and one and a half hours later. We were back on the road.

Glad to say, this story doesn't get worse.

We made it!