Monday, June 17, 2013

Just a play on words...

Today Jesse wanted some Pirates Booty. He grabbed the bag and our conversation went as follows...
J: "I want Booty!"
Me: "Okay. Do you want it in a bowl?"
J: "No. I want it in a bag."
Me: " You can't have the whole bag. A bowl or a cup."
J: (crying so hard) I don't want it in Boulder's bowl. I want it in my bowl."

It was a pretty funny mix up from my end, but not so funny to Jesse.... Boulder is our dog.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dentist... HELP!

 I was the proudest little Mommy on Monday! Emree had a Dentist appointment and she could not have behaved better. She sat while I got my cleaning and a little work done and then when it was her turn and she was so brave. She let them take x-rays and count her teeth, brush and do every little step. I was so proud of her because she didn't once throw a fit. BUT and this is a big BUT... she has a cavity and a half (dentist's words not mine). Now I have to take her back next week and try to get her to be brave through a filling and a buckle. I am so sad. Tips and Tricks?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Attention Seeking...

    Parenting is hard. Just when you figure something out it changes. Just when you have your life under control something blows up in your face. Or at least in MY face and it reminds me every single day that I am imperfect. I often get those little yells from Emree, "I wish I lived at Sadie's house!" haha It always makes me giggle because she seems so a head of her time. Sometimes I am tempted to say back, "Me too. Why don't we go drop you off there."
    My most recent realization is that I have a large parenting flaw that needs to be fixed. I tend to give a lot of attention to the child throwing the fit and very little to the child behaving themselves. I have created a lot of negative attention seeking in my home. For example, Preschool Graduation: Emree was the only child who would not participate and stand up there and do what she was suppose to because she wanted me to cuddle her and give her  what she thought may be better attention then participating. Do you have a child that does/ did this? Any ideas? What did you do?