Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tyler posting here. I figured I had to get online and post these pictures so that I could fool someone into thinking that I was cool. Tonight Jordan and I got the opportunity to go hang out with some of the Utah Jazz players for a charity event with Rising Star Outreach. Through one of my dad's countless connections, he was able to get us in the doors as volunteers. We helped set up a little bit and the rest of the night was a party. Here are some of the pics:

We felt kinda stupid asking someone pretty much our age for a picture, but when else were we going to get this sweet shot with Kyle Korver.

People on our missions often referred to Jordan and me as the "torres gĂȘmeos" or twin towers, but at 7' 6" Shawn Bradley made us feel tiny.

9 foot tall shower heads. Pretty sweet!

Lookin clean Jordan, lookin clean.

So you thought Jeff Hornacek could shoot free throws, you should have seen him serve a ping pong ball. Jeff and I took on Jordan and another guy in a table tennis throwdown. Yeah, we won :)

All Star Carlos Boozer's station

Ronny Price's Locker

Jordan puting the moves on Darrin Williams

Box out!

As you can see, it was a pretty fun night. Thanks dad.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick "Brag-a-log"

I got my diploma in the mail! It is totally official and I am a BYU graduate. This is the first piece of paper I have been stoked about in quite a while. For those of you who don't know, I studied Sociology at BYU and seriously loved me classes. I hope to one day use the knowledge I gained to  help charity organization in third world countries (with Tyler when our kids are a little older). Anyways....I had my moment and now I am done.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Blessed with Friends!

Liberty wrote a post recently about 'Y' she likes living in Provo. I would have to say that my top reason is all the friends and family that I am surrounded by. It is so nice to have so many people around that I love and care about.

On Saturday, my friends Lexy, Crystal, and Emily threw me a baby shower. They all love to throw parties and it could not have turned out more perfect. The food was to die for! (pork salad, a poppy seed salad, taco soup, yogurt parfaits, and cute coconut cupcakes, with delicious lemonade). The games were way fun (although everyone was a little competitive). And I am so thankful for so many wonderful friends who bless my life everyday. During the shower Lexy had everyone go around and say a little something to me about how I was going to be a good mom, advice, or what not. I have been thinking a lot about that moment and I want to return all the compliments. So, I am going to tell you something I appreciate about each one of my friends.

Lexy: Wow! Lexy is the party planner and fun starter. She knows how to be a hostess and remembers everyone's names and lives. She truly cares about people and their needs. She love to socialize and I appreciate her sacrificing her time, home, money, and everything else to throw me a baby shower. I also promise Lexy the baby will always remember her even if she is the only person who creepily talks to my belly.

Emily Johnson: Emily is the quiet, steady friend. She is always there when you need her (and is a delicious cook). She is supportive and easy to talk to. Emily is a listener and easy going. I appreciate Emily's patience and love, as well as her salad and games! Emily introduced me to poker lol and makes the most amazing brownies.

Crystal: Crystal is my "go-to-girl"... she is my only friend that is close with a baby and so she has had to endure ALL of my questions, but even more so ALL and I mean ALL of Ty's questions ( I married a curious man who asks probably about a billion questions a day). Crystal is an amazing mother and I can only hope I will be as wonderful as she is. I love spending time with her no matter what we are doing and I love her little baby Trey. I am thankful for Crystal's laugh, conversations, advice, values, taco soup, games, and helping me with nursing questions.

Stephanie: Steph and I have been friends for a long time and don't spend a lot of time together lately, but it was so nice to see her on Saturday. Steph has always been a good friend and a good listener. I hardly have any memories that don't include Stephanie and so it was fun to share this with her too. Stephanie is just plain good at life and talented and sucessful. I appreciate her coming (even with a kidney stone), I appreciate her support and love and hope to spend more time with her even though I know she is extremely busy.

Randi: What would a party be like with out Randi's laugh? Randi just makes me smile. She won two of the games and I think was someone who needed to be watched for cheating! (just teasing you Randi). Randi is light-hearted, accepting, and easy going. She loves people regaurdless of their faults and I don't think I can remember a time when she said something mean about any one. I appreciate Randi's laugh, fun spirit, and conversatiosns!

Katy: Katy is my neighbor and I was so happy that she took the time to come on Saturday, even though she had to race from a soccer game. Katy is going to learn patience if my little girl is a crier because our room shares a wall with their room. Katy and Nate couldn't be better neighbors and have always been willing to help us out, play games with us, and mostly put up with us.

Liberty: My long lost sister... Liberty is the ultimate. She is always willing to do stuff for me and I am so glad she came back to Provo this fall and winter. Everytime Liberty comes over she brings me a treat lol (not that my chubby little pregnant body needs it), we have gone to lots of movies, ripped down wallpaper, painted together, and mostly enjoyed talking. Liberty has always loved me unconditionally and we can be totally open with eachother (although I am not sure I ever censor myself). I appreciate Liberty's selflessness, support, and friendship.

Kristy: If Kristy is anything-she is hilarious. I can't help, but laugh at every story Kristy has to tell. I have grown up doing pretty much everything with the Earl girls because our moms are best friends and Kristy always brings life to any party. I appreciate her fun attitude, free-spirit, and ability to keep any conversation going and everyone involved laughing.

Courtney: Another sister... Courtney has been my saving grace this year... she is my sub for dance and keeps having to take my classes. But more than that Courtney is such a blast and so easy going. She stayed with Ty and I over the weekend when she came down to Provo to sign up for classes and we couldn't have had more fun (or atleast I think we had fun). I am thankful for Courtney's friendship over the years and her quiet loyalty. She is a hard worker, loyal friend and beautiful girl.

Alise: My old roomate and long lost friend. Alise has been in LA because of her husband's internship and it was so nice to have her back in my life lol. I love Alise for so many different reasons, but mostly I am glad she was able to put up with me when I lived with her and Aarika my first year of school. Alise cares about people, is way more athletic than I, and can be friends with anyone. I was so glad to see her again.

Aarika: Another roomie...Aarika is also a long lost friend, but not because she was gone, I just haven't seen her forever. Aarika always listened to me babble on when I got engaged to Ty and we had so many wonderful gospel discussions. I am greatful for Aarika's testimony and love for others.

Emily McBride: One of my dear Africa friends. Emily went to Africa with Tyler and I and she is such a sweetheart. She often stops by and brings us cookies or comes over ever once and a while just to talk. Emily is one of those people who is full of kindness. She doesn't know what it means to be mean or rude. I watched her love every person she came in contact with in Africa and since. I appreciate her Christ-like love for all those around her.

Thank You All! I am so extrememely blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. Saturday was definitely a fun party, but more than that I felt the love of so many friends. Ty and I often ask ourselves why we are blessed with so many people that love us. I don't know the andwer, I just know - I have been blessed with friends.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Manly Men!

       My Dad always joked with us growing up that he was a real "Manly Man." Not that he isn't, but he always says it in this caveman like voice that makes me smile. One characteristic of a true manly man would have to be his ability to hunt! 

         In attempt to continue to turn his boys into manly men, my Dad got Jordan a shot gun for Christmas. Ever since then, Jordan and Tyler have been working on their skills. Tyler, Jordan, Bobby, and Aaron went hunting for Chuckers last Saturday. The only real hunter among the four of them is Aaron. I trusted Aaron to be the mother of the rest and keep them all in one piece. I can never picture too much good coming out of Tyler and Jordan mixed with shot guns. I reminded Tyler before he left that he was soon to be a dad and should act as such! I was pretty proud of them though because they actually went and got their hunter's safety and all that good stuff (not that they would ever dream of going shooting with out it ;)). To their dismay, the boys didn't catch any chuckers, but they hiked ALOT, found a cave, and seemed to have a really great time. I reminded them promptly when they got home that true manly men bring home the meat and I would be expecting some next time :). 

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Disaster Zone!

Ty blames the last two weeks on the "nesting period," but I have wanted to do some fix-me-ups since we moved and we finally got to them. The last two weeks our house was turned into a disaster zone! I was a little freaked out because I thought that if the baby decided to come early, I am not sure what I would have done, but we have officially gotten through it and she isn't here...yet. What did we do you might ask? We tore down the wallpaper in our bedroom (It took me the entire Harry Potter 7 on audio cd and another church book to get it down), and repainted our room. Then we got new carpet in the living room. Our carpet use to be that lovely green, but now is a fabulous tanish color. The carpet was thankfully installed by professionals and I didn't have to do one thing. The couple that owns the house paid for us to do the renovation, but we were just so thankful to be able to do them. We love our little home, but we also love making it better.

I would like to give a little shout out to the amazing Liberty Baker who offered her services and even one of her friend's services lol. Our friend Bobby also helped with the painting. Ty and I finally cleaned everything up yesterday (thanks to Martin Luther King Day) and put up our beautiful crib. Life is back to normal or atleast we like to think so!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Tyler made a website and started a business! I married a man who is constantly going in a a million different directions and the newest one is a food storage website. Tyler met a guy name Danny who was selling freeze-dried food storage with over a thirty year shelf life  for an unbelievable price and couldn't help but get involved. The company was only selling their food storage through sales reps and Tyler thought they would do aweseome if they could start selling online. That's when it all started ... Tyler is pretty amazing. You have to check his website out, just to see how talented he is (although he didn't do it alone, I am just bragging on him.) Tyler's website is go there and request a free sample, you won't be disappointed!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Britt!

My cousin Brittany has always been like a big sister to me. I love her so much and whatever love is left over I give it all to her two adorable kids. Ty, Jordan, and I went up to her house last night to celebrate her birthday and we couldn't have had more fun. I am stealing some pictures off of Britt's blog to post of the fabulous night. (FYI Ty and I just bought a new camera! So, we are getting excited to fill our lives with more pictures:) )