Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Knowing How Wonderful We Are!

I had a kind of sad experience at dance tonight. I teach five year olds on Tuesday nights. While they were practicing their Christmas dance, one girl just wouldn't smile. I have noticed it the last few weeks so I got on her case. I told everyone to smile and then I told everyone to show their teeth. Then I pointed her out specifically. At this point she broke into big crocodile tears. When everyone was changing into their tap shoes I asked her what was wrong. Ever so quietly she whispered, "My mom doesn't like it when I show my teeth." She has one of those five year old smiles full of all different sized teeth - some are huge, some are tiny and there are lots of spaces, but she is adorable. It reminded me of how fragile kids are and how self conscience we can make them. I try to tell my dancers how wonderful they are... don't we all need to hear that sometimes. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"He Works Hard for the Money!"

  Some people get to have the job they love. Some people settle for a job that will make them money. Ty has his job only for the insurance. One thing I love about my husband is his ability to have fun anywhere, even while moving boxes for UPS. I found this picture on his phone and thought it was hilarious. The next time you get a package at your door, remember the men that put it in the truck! "What can brown do for you?"

Friday, November 7, 2008

The belly shot!

           Two of my biggest fears in starting a blog have been realized. One: my life is not exciting to blog to the world about. Two: With out kids, it has become all about me. I will try to be interesting, witty, and exciting in the future, but today I just want to post the belly shot. I am 26 weeks pregnant. This means that I have 3 months and a week left to go. With this in mind,  I am looking pretty good (lol not to brag). 

          Today I talked Ty into skipping his classes and we went to Cafe Rio and the movies! I am a Baker and this means I LOVE my food and I LOVE my movies. I also love fall. . . may be it is the idea that both Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way that gets me in a cheery mood or maybe it is the fact that I can now cuddle up with hot chocolate and a blanket.

          Lastly, Today is Quinn's one year anniversary of missionary-hood. Quinn and I are so close in age that we were probably each others' best friend at some points and worst enemy at others. 
       As my enemy Quinn: 
1. Kicked out my front permanent tooth with his bare foot. I was ignoring him and I learned quickly that he really didn't like that. 
2. With Jordan as his accomplice, threw basketballs at my head any time I tried to cross the game room and they were in it. 
3. Always and I mean always took the t.v. remote by force and wouldn't give it back. 
4. Found out quickly that making fun of my zits in 8th grade really hurt my feelings. I definitely had a lot of zits in 8th grade. 
5. A lot of my friends thought he was cute... and that was simply unacceptable. 

    As my friend Quinn: 
1. Sang and danced all around the kitchen with me... my favorite memory of this was the Christmas Jordan was gone. We were trying to make everyone happy. Quinn has a way of making everyone happy. 
2. When we were little we use to bathe together and then Quinn would run down stairs and get his p.j.s and bring them into my room so that we could get dressed together. We were inseparable. 
3. Quinn could make you so mad one minute and then make you smile, by some quick remark (as long as he wasn't making fun of you). He is probably the fastest on his feet. 
4. Quinn is amazing with little kids. I remember when we had to take care of these little toddler twins. Quinn had them giggling and playing around in no time. It melted my heart.  
5. Quinn is very talented in every aspect of his life, but he never feels the need to steal the lime light. He let's others succeed and congratulates them and then he takes his turn when it is his turn. I love that about him.
We love you Quinn and Miss you!

Happy Fall!