Saturday, July 6, 2013


    Our joke this year was that as Mormon's we don't do a lot of what most people would consider crazy things, but on the fourth of July we definitely light things on fire. Boy Scouts always seem to be way too into explosives. Anyways, we had such a great fourth of July. We had to celebrate twice!
   July 3rd: We had a few friends from our ward over to let the kids swim, eat, and do little fireworks in our front yard. Little did we know our friend Jared loves fireworks and bought a ton of stuff for the kids. It was super fun. Emree was brave because she had friends watching her (although she did like to light her sparkler away from everyone else).  Jesse thought the fireworks were AWESOME. True Boy Scout coming your way. He did learn rather quickly to not touch the fire end of the sparkler... we warned him; he tried it anyways.

 On the Actual Fourth of July we headed to Gridley! Our good friends the Nielsens were in town from Vegas and we had to go see them. Plus, Emree worships the ground Scarlet walks on. We had a blast swimming, eating out, playing croquet, and hitting up the Biggs firework show. We seriously had great seats and got there right as it started. Fun day, Good Friends!

It really could not have been a better Fourth. :)