Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Terrible Tuesdays: Literally Losing A Child

I went to the dollar store. That was my first mistake. I hate our dollar store because they don't let you take the carts out of the store and the crowd is kind of sketchy... okay I am being nice... sketchy.

I went to the dollar store to see if they had any storage things and got caught up in spending money and went up and down the aisles and had to go through everything to make sure I didn't miss something I might want. I found 25 things I wanted. How... I don't know, but that is another story.

I went to the dollar store and as I was checking out my kids started playing with a candy vending machine, which was the best thing they had choose to play with the in the store. It beat the giant fly swatters, the Halloween masks, the glass jars and the make-up hands down.

I went to the dollar store and Emree went missing.

I walked up and down the aisles yelling her name. I enlisted an employee to help me and after we had checked the store. I ran out into the street. I started to tear up and question why I had even choose to come to the dollar store in the first place. I started to wonder what in the world I should do next. Should I scream her name in the parking lot and start looking in the cars. I headed back into the dollar store and out of the corner of my  I saw her little feet and then her body squished into a ball. I ran to her to ask her if she was okay. She looked up with the biggest smile..."Hide and Seek," she squealed.

I went to the dollar store. It will be a long while before I go again.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Memories: Going Fishing!

Tyler loves fishing! I had been once in my life before we got married and if my memory is correct, I think I was under 12.  I remember thinking it was fun, but I am sure I complained and thought it was gross at the time. I was kind of a whiner (correction: I am kind of a whiner). I bet that is why my Dad never took me again. Plus, we are the type of family where the boys and girls usually split. Or we use to be. I think we are turning into the family that does things together now that everyone (BUT Easton) is married.

ANYWAYS, Ty had a big test on Friday and has been studying and busy busy.... We were more than excited when our friends, The Dents, invited us to go to a Cabin and to spend the weekend trying to catch some fish. Lots of Kids, Lots of Dirt and NO fish later. The weekend was a huge success and fun was had by all or at least by us.