Friday, November 7, 2008

The belly shot!

           Two of my biggest fears in starting a blog have been realized. One: my life is not exciting to blog to the world about. Two: With out kids, it has become all about me. I will try to be interesting, witty, and exciting in the future, but today I just want to post the belly shot. I am 26 weeks pregnant. This means that I have 3 months and a week left to go. With this in mind,  I am looking pretty good (lol not to brag). 

          Today I talked Ty into skipping his classes and we went to Cafe Rio and the movies! I am a Baker and this means I LOVE my food and I LOVE my movies. I also love fall. . . may be it is the idea that both Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way that gets me in a cheery mood or maybe it is the fact that I can now cuddle up with hot chocolate and a blanket.

          Lastly, Today is Quinn's one year anniversary of missionary-hood. Quinn and I are so close in age that we were probably each others' best friend at some points and worst enemy at others. 
       As my enemy Quinn: 
1. Kicked out my front permanent tooth with his bare foot. I was ignoring him and I learned quickly that he really didn't like that. 
2. With Jordan as his accomplice, threw basketballs at my head any time I tried to cross the game room and they were in it. 
3. Always and I mean always took the t.v. remote by force and wouldn't give it back. 
4. Found out quickly that making fun of my zits in 8th grade really hurt my feelings. I definitely had a lot of zits in 8th grade. 
5. A lot of my friends thought he was cute... and that was simply unacceptable. 

    As my friend Quinn: 
1. Sang and danced all around the kitchen with me... my favorite memory of this was the Christmas Jordan was gone. We were trying to make everyone happy. Quinn has a way of making everyone happy. 
2. When we were little we use to bathe together and then Quinn would run down stairs and get his p.j.s and bring them into my room so that we could get dressed together. We were inseparable. 
3. Quinn could make you so mad one minute and then make you smile, by some quick remark (as long as he wasn't making fun of you). He is probably the fastest on his feet. 
4. Quinn is amazing with little kids. I remember when we had to take care of these little toddler twins. Quinn had them giggling and playing around in no time. It melted my heart.  
5. Quinn is very talented in every aspect of his life, but he never feels the need to steal the lime light. He let's others succeed and congratulates them and then he takes his turn when it is his turn. I love that about him.
We love you Quinn and Miss you!

Happy Fall!


Whidget said...

You do look good--I on the other hand look like a COW. I just can't stop eating. I would never put a photo of myself up online right now--I am trying to avoid photos at all costs. :P Watch as many movies as you can, though, because those will be hard to get to once you have the baby. I never missed a decent movie at the theater before Eli. I think the last one I have seen now is Walle!!

Jackie said...

HAHA Bridget, I still haven't seen Wallee! FOR SURE enjoy going to the movies!

You do look great, I was a COW too. LOVE IT!

Ashley said...

You do look really good!! I didn't pop until I got on an airplane to visit my parents when I was six months with just don't makes you retain so much water weight..and all the fun of swelling begins!! LOL

Lori said...

Oh you brought back some fun memories of Quinn. And you look wonderful!! I'm glad you had a good day. Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!!
Love, mom


Danielle...I couldn't resist telling you I think you are amazing. It is fun to peek in on you and see how you are doing...and also getting Tanae's emails. Your missions are a bit different at the moment but so tailored for each of you. I love ya! Can't wait to see that baby!!!

Anonymous said...

I was totally there when Quinn kicked out your tooth! haha I actually think I picked it up and brought it inside. You are so stinking cute!! My mom keeps asking me how you look and I say "STILL skinny" you would be hot and pregnant! haha LOVE YOU let's play soon!

Troy & Cherlyn said...

You shouldn't be allowed to look so cute when you are pregnant. Hope you are feeling well, don't worry about bloging without kids because Troy thinks Blogs that are all about kids are boring.

Peggy Dee said...

What belly? That's not a belly! In my day, I could have shown you a belly!!!

Loved hearing stories about Quinn. I am getting older and I can already tell that I am just a few years away from spending way more time talking about the past than I do talking about the present. That's what old people love to do and I am so close to being there!

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Oh you look great and those memories are so fun! aha

bwaites said...

Yeah, so you almost have a belly!

All the years of dance weren't for nothing!!

You look great, and congratulations, I don't think I've had a chance to tell you that!!!


RobAar said...

HI DANIELLE!!!! welcome to the world of blogging! you don't need kids or something interesting to say heck,i mostly post pictures of the latest stuff we do for Rob's parents to see. Anyway, we need to see eachother soon! Alise told me she saw your belly picture so I had to take a look. I'm so excited for you two and have to admit, kind of jealous! But, hey, I'm not that far from finishing school.
K, love you,