Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go!

So, we took a plane to Washington! Emree and I strolled through the airport together and slept through our flight together. Emree was great on the plan, but not so wonderful at Drill Team competition. Maybe she could sense that it wasn't a great day for all of us Molahiettes. Anways, she also got to meet three very important people for the first time: Whitney, Uncle Easton, and Grandpa Baker. Emree has Grandpa Baker's dimple chin and Baker baby written all over her. Emree also met her cousin Jenna who is 6 months old (James and Nikki's baby). Washington was a blast, Emree got held by everyone, cuddled constantly by Grandma and Kenzie, I got Rootbeer Italian Sodas made by Easton, played Lips for the first time, and just got to be with my family- which never happens when I go to Moses Lake ( I am usually just teaching dance). Emree and I can't wait to take Daddy with us to Washington in a week!


Mike and Aubrey Asay said...

How fun!! I'm glad you got to come up here, and it was fun to see you and your baby girl for a little bit! She's so cute!

Crystal and Kyle said...

I'm so glad she was so good on the plane :) I love her little pink sweater with the ears. We will miss hanging out with you guys this month with all of the traveling you'll be doing. :)

Heidi and Kevin said...

your little one is so cute!! i can't believe how grown up easton looks what happened to the little boy i used to hang out with and play games!! wow tell your family hi and we need to get together i want to see her in person!!!