Tuesday, August 18, 2009

6 tricks for 6 months!

1. Rolling Over... okay it took her a while, but who needs to roll over when mom brings you everything. She can roll both ways, but mostly she just rolls as fast as the speed of light to get off her tummy and as slow as molasses to get to her tummy (she doesn't like her tummy).

2. Smiling at Everyone... this isn't necessarily a trick, but it is about all she does. She loves to smile at strangers. We recently flew from Spokane to California and she probably had a smily conversation with just about every person we ran in to. You may think this is adorable, however, it really ruins my groove because I can't stand talking to strangers and with this little jewel I get to have conversations with loads of them.

3. Sitting Up ... she was also pretty slow at sitting up. Now she can't get enough of it. Her only problem is she likes to reach for everything and this makes falling over eminent.

4. Pacifier Inserting ... this trick has not yet been mastered, but the mediocre version is pretty cute!

5. Gurgling ... is her new favorite sound and she likes to get louder and louder all the time. I think it is her way of saying, "Look at me, look at me, LOOK AT ME!"

6. EATING... this not really a trick either, but it is her favorite pass time. You don't get thighs like that by starving your self.

Needless to say, "We like, her, we love, her, we want some more of her!"

We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for our beautiful, chubby angel.


Whidget said...

Cute post! She is a cutie--luckily I like talking to strangers, so I am happy for a smiley baby!

You should do a video of the rolling over...


Lori said...

Our house was so very quiet and peaceful yesterday. Not necessarily a good thing. We miss you and loved the time we got to to spend with both of you.

Stacey said...

She is SO adorable!! Don't you just love all of those little milestones? It just gets more fun all of the time.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

She really is darling, Danielle. I love her smile and felt like a million bucks when she gave one to me. Sorry it brings strangers closer to you, but it sure is cute.