Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Comfort Food

What is it about food that can make us so happy? I offer Emree a treat, any kind of treat, and she will do anything. She will clean up her room, she will go to bed, she will stop crying at the mention of a fruit snack, candy, ice cream, even an apple or orange. That is how we got Emree to take the picture with Jesse. I was holding an ice cream bar and in between every picture she got to have a lick. I know, slightly ridiculous and yet hilarious at the same time.

Most of the pictures didn't work because she had chocolate all over her face. Even as we speak she is eating popcorn.

But I promise you one thing, we do a lot of teeth brushing.

While I was pregnant I loved ice and popsicles. I ate them constantly. Today, Tyler came home from a meeting and a quick run to the store with some Oreos. I have been counting down the minutes until Emree goes to bed so that I can sit down in front of "Biggest Loser" and eat a few. The real reason for this post, however, is to say that it has been a LONG day and I really NEED those Oreos, but I also NEED to find a new comfort. I hate taking off baby weight :) What are your comforts?

Oh! Here is Jesse sleeping... he does that during the day!


Cassidy said...

Girl, you are nursing, I say eat all the oreo's you want!!! ;) mmmm. My favorite are those mint ones.
I've been craving parfaits lately. random, eh?

Susan said...

Danielle, comfort foods are just that, food for comfort. You don't get comfort from diet foods. I'm with Cassidy. Eat what you want, when you want it. There's plenty of time for dieting later.

royce and aubree said...

your kids are so cute danielle! i love the picture with you feeding emree the popsicle it is too cute! miss you guys!

Bobby & Emily said...

Umm i really love the Wint-o-green mints!! they are just enough sweet for me to get a fix and they leave your breath nice and minty!! Also i have found that kids don't like them very much cause they are too strong of a mint!!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Scarlet just asked me why the girl baby got to have a shiny princess blanket. That just really made me laugh for some reason. I almost explained that blue was for boys and that is how you know its a boy baby.... until I saw his lovely pink flowered boppy. I gave up then :)

Eat and enjoy, gotta keep that baby boy chubby!

Ashley and Blake said...

So cute. Looks like Jesse wants some of that ice cream too! I'm no help on the comforts, since my baby is 3 months and I haven't really lost any baby weight!!!It's hard when you are tending to a baby. I just grab whatever is easiest and you know that's never healthy! I sometimes try and when I do, I just try to stay busy and get out on walks and I try to cook a bunch of healthy food at once and then I can just re-heat every day for a few days! I'm glad he is sleeping during the day at least!!! Hopefully Em still takes a good nap too so you can get some rest!

Joanne said...

My son used to sleep just like that! in fact in the nursery in the hospital he was the only baby sleeping that way...like he was on vacation! blessings, Joanne