Thursday, March 3, 2011

Popcorn popping?

I have officially given up dairy for Jesse. It has been the solution! He is now as happy as can be. So, with no more popcorn to fill my nights there is also no more crying. YEAH!!!

Here is to 6 dairy free months...


Kacey Nielsen said...

Things you can eat dairy free that you might not know:

Most duncan heinz cake mixes and brownie mixes

All baked goods that can replace butter with shortening (ie, choco. chip cookies)

Bisquick pancakes (just replace the milk with whatever substitute you are using)

We got really creative with my dairy free friend. If you are even in need of tips, especially when it comes to desserts, she is your girl!

Happy you found a solution!

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Reading this blog and trying to figure out why you were saying "diary" in such a strange context brought me back to the day of writing a list of goodies and you spelling "milk dudes." :) I miss you and I am sorry you cannot have dairy... or diary... or milk dudes... whichever you prefer. :)

Crystal and Kyle said...

Wow! That is like my worst nightmare since I am a milk-aholic. It's worth it though if it means a happy baby!