Sunday, May 20, 2012

Simple Sunday: Focusing On The Savior

It is hard to find ways to truly make Sunday about the Savior. In our church we believe that the Sabbath is literally a day of rest. We rest from our everyday tasks and focus on becoming closer to our Savior. This is one commandment that I find that it is easy to live the letter of the law and much harder to truly live the spirit of the law. I didn't work today, I didn't do laundry, or much cleaning, we didn't go out to eat or get gas. We went to church, but did we focus on bringing the spirit into our home. Did we teach our kids about Jesus Christ? Did I strengthen my testimony of the gospel?

I would love to hear things you do to truly keep the Sabbath day holy.

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Tiffany Fackrell said...

my favorite thing is to go on walks or picnics in the park and then the kids and I discuss all of the things we see that Heavenly Father gave us, and Jesus helped create!