Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy 50th Grandpa!

My Dad used to sing me to sleep singing "Always and Forever" after he had told me a very elaborate night time story about Princess Danielle that some how always ended with the Princess riding off on her very own horse.
When Quinn kicked out my front tooth I remember my Dad rushing me to the dentist. He had to reassure me the whole drive that I wouldn't look ugly forever and that everything would be okay. He had a way of wiping my tears and calming me down. He also had to make me milk shakes the rest of the summer because I couldn't eat solid foods. My Dad and I have always enjoyed our milk shakes.
My Dad tried to teach me how to drive and he was pretty patient. I ran over a stop sign in his truck and dented the whole top. I remember crying on the way home, I was begging him not to tell Jordan and Quinn because I was pretty sure they would make fun of me (but then again who wouldn't).
I have a million more stories of my Dad, but mostly now I love watching him melt when he holds my little Emree. He is one amazing man and grandpa and I wish him another amazing 50 years, (okay maybe not that many)but close.


Julia said...

That was so sweet...there's nothing better than a little girls dad.

P.S. I love your family pic (the 3 of you with the wheel barrel), cutest ever!

Stacey said...

Great memories of your Dad! Kelly has great memories of him growing up too. Happy birthday to him!

Kathy said...

Your dad is on amazing man. There are few men of his caliber in the world. You are a lucky, I mean blessed girl!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I loved hearing your stories, Danielle. What a good dad. What fun memories.

I, too, love your new header, what a great picture.

That Emree is the funniest little baby. Truly, she oozes personality. I thought your comment, "Watch out when she learns to talk" was funny. She is just so personable, responsive and cute. I just wanted to cuddle her...but I'll bet she is far too busy to want to be cuddled, huh?

Peggy Dee said...

Love your family pictures! They turned out great!!

Jordan said...

I love that you ran over a stop sign. CLASSIC! Love it. My favorite is when he told you, you wouldn't be ugly forever. so funny! So sweet. Emree looks so happy in the picture!