Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Project!

When I think the word project I think work. Yes, this was a lot of work. Especially considering that I have only made sugar cookies once before and they were absolutely terrible. This project started Saturday night when I tried my first recipe for sugar cookies and ended today with an end result I am pretty proud of and a huge mess that I was not so proud of. I know, I know, they are nothing too amazing, but I am totally tickled with myself. They are for my friend GayLynn's baby shower.

As usually Emree wanted to help... and help she did. Lucky me. She rolled dough, cut stars, frosted cookies and even ate the "B"s off the cookies I had already decorated while I was in giving Jesse a bath. Thank goodness she only ruined three cookies before I caught her.

Jesse needed a bath because he was given a sugar cookie by his sister and wow there was no taken that away. He was pretty happy about it!

Drum roll please...

I am thinking my next project might involve cookies again... you can only go up from here right?! I thought it was totally fun and delicious.


Bobby & Emily said...

Super cute! Projects involve lots of likes and dislikes!!, but usually the likes out rule the dislikes!!! So fun, I wish we could do projects together!

Cassidy said...

Good job!!

GayLynn said...

Oh, Danielle! You did such a beautiful, professional job. I see a side job in the making. :) We will miss you tonight but I am so grateful for all the love and work you put into my shower.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

....AND cute!

Way to go. I love the tag as well.