Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Terrible Tuesdays: Getting Dressed SUCKS

I have a DRAMA QUEEN! Emree really has a hard time being okay with her clothes. I know everyone has all these solutions about getting over the fit of getting dressed, but almost all of them end with the kids winning. I have heard suggestion after suggestion. 

- As long as they are modest...
-Dress ups are the only things I don't let them wear outside the house...
- I put only 5 outfits in their drawer and they can pick out of those...

Well, what is the solution if you want a well dressed, well groomed 3 year old. What if you want her to match, rotate through her clothing, and sit down and get her hair done. Their has to be an answer. One that doesn't end in tears every single morning. Right now I bribe. I lay two adorable outfits in front of her and I say, "Pick one of these and then you can have a treat when you get dressed." There is usually still crying and a fit, but she ends up in the outfit and happy with a treat. I am not sure I am winning her. In fact, I think I am losing by a long shot. 

Any answer my friends? 

I have to be able to win this small battle or else I may lose the war ... haha trust me!


Kacey Nielsen said...

The battle of wills that is motherhood... you win one and then another one starts. I am in so many different battles right now its hard to keep track.

Some possibilities:
1) promise to take a picture and send to grandma when she looks nice and grandma will send her a fun picture back?

2) My friend right now starts her daughter each morning with 5 skittles and the longer she takes to finish a task, the more of her skittles go to her mom's mouth.

3) have days of the week that are Emree's choice and days that are mom's choice on a calendar she can see. if she throws a fit she looses an Emree day.

My goal these days is to be firm in my commitments but without yelling. Sometimes I think my solutions are awesome, and sometimes they rely heavily on candy. :) Good luck!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I like the calendar idea. This was pretty much a place I didn't pick my battles, cambree went through phases. There was one time she would only wear dresses or skirts. I think most people know little girls and won't judge you when they see her crazy outfits. Good luck. It has gotten a million times better for us, so hopefully there is hope for you too!

Heather Williams said...

Oh the battles! They are neverending it seems doesn't it!? We had this problem with Hattie with pajamas, she wanted to wear pajamas all day. But by golly, if I didn't have a patient and consistent husband to help me out, I would have lost for sure! I don't know what to tell you for the clothes part because Hattie just puts on what I bring downstairs (she's usually distracted with a morning cartoon) and with her hair...I've always just done her hair with her watching a show and maybe some fruit snacks...but I started that a long time ago so she knows its coming. Nothing wrong with t.v. to distract in my opinion (as long as you don't let them watch too much...which I know you don't). Choosing battles is tough don't you think?

Hang in there, and just try....try try again!