Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving a Little Late...

Life is SO busy. There is always SO many things to do it could drive you insane. Not saying my sanity is completely intact anyways, but anyways... I always feel like I could be so much better and do so much better. Is it just me? Do you find your self running around with your head cut off and dangling. I use to make these huge lists and try to conquer the entire thing. Then I would be so sad if I didn't. My friend once told me she did the same thing, but when she started to lose her mind her husband would grab her list and remove items, saying things like, "this one is stupid" or "definitely not important". That is around the time I stopped my list making and now my mental list drives me crazy. I wish my house was cleaner, my stuff was organized, my things were cleaned out, my laundry was done, my shower was clean, my summer stuff was put away, my lawn was mowed, my car was clean, my paperwork was organized, my car title was in my possession, and everything else I should do. 

BUT then you have days like I had today. The kind where you are still crazy, but you realize how much you have. I love what I got and I wouldn't change it for the world. I have the best little family and I love each of them to pieces. WE ARE NOT PERFECT, but that is alright with me.

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Elizabeth Fielding said...

I completely understand your list. Now days, I feel good if I just get one thing done on my list. At the end of the day I can say I did or accomplished one thing.