Saturday, February 22, 2014

Plus one these days ...

My new life makes me laugh. Each time I have had a new baby enter our lives I have been reminded that my life is not my own. However, this being the third time that has happened; not only am I reminded, but I have come to the realization that it will never ever be mine and only mine again. I am not disappointed by this, but it has caused me to adjust. For example, when I had Emree I spent so much time in my pjs with out a shower counting down until she was older and I could get things done... This time I always get my shower in. Sometimes they are crying, sometimes they are happy and sometimes the are watching a show, but a girl has got to get clean! 

So as I adjust to being the mother to three... My house may be slightly more dirty and I get very little sleep, but I laugh a lot. Kids are hilarious. Emree told me this week that she wished there was a giant pool with all the people in the world in it. I said, " that would be a lot of people." She responded loud and proud, "yep! But dad could speak Portuguese to them." Why are we in a pool?

Emree turned five on Tuesday, but we celebrated Monday because Ty had the day off. The best part of her birthday was honestly how absloletely excited Jesse was for her. He is a ball of energy and had his 3 year old well exam this week. When the doctor looked at him and said, "good job! You're all done."  He yelled with his hands above his, "yeah! Now I  am going to my best friend Merritt's house." It was adorable.

Brighton sleeps a lot and is starting to coo at us. The kids love love love him and Emree asks me daily of we can have another baby and I say eventually.

Ty and I have a much needed date tonight (plus one). We are always plus one these days. :) 

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Kacey Nielsen said...

i need more of you and your children in my life, sooooooooo cute! please keep blogging!