Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Very Deep Down

Tyler likes to think that deep down I like our three chickens. (That's right, we have chickens). Maybe I do, in a place very very deep down. I do none of the work. They really don 't bother me or make or break my life. I like the free eggs, but I really am not a huge egg fan... Unless they are in cookies or cake. But to be honest they sort of scare me. I won't pick them up and I don't like to feed them.

Jesse is pretty scared of the chickens. He runs from them like they are after him. After realizing the chickens were in the front yard Jesse ran to dad for help. I can hear it now, "Jesse, deep down I think you like our chickens."


Kacey Nielsen said...

That sounds like some psychology rotation skills coming into play, "If I tell them they really do like the chickens..."

Heather Williams said...

Thanks fora great laugh! That is hilarious!