Friday, August 29, 2014

You're Brave...

Running errands with three little ones always makes for a spectacal. The funniest was a lady who saw me when I was babysitting an extra little one and so I was heading into the grocery store with four little ones five and under. She laughed and joked,"you're either brave or stupid." It made me chuckle. We usually make it through the store these days because there is a little mechanical horse at the end that you can ride for one penny. Worth it every time. In fact, they usually supply the pennies. Even better! 
  We have tried to instill in our kids the concept that you work for money and money buys things. I believe the next lesson will be... Things don't buy happiness. Haha they always want everything in the store, but I guess I can't blame them because so do I. Today Emree asked for some over priced tic tacso. Since when were to tic tacs over a dollar. I gave in and got to watch how much her and Jesse enjoyed every single one. It was pretty cute. He worships the ground em walks on and I know he is going to miss her next week when she starts kindergarten. 
  Anyways, we made it through the store today because I let my kids eat all the grapes and because they were just happy. It was a good day. Although I am always perplexed by how much we spend on groceries each month. I just have little kids I can not imagine how big our bill will be one day. Oh man!

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