Sunday, October 4, 2009

Emree loves to play tag!

Emree got tagged and got her first tooth (number two is right on it way)! Here goes nothing . . .

1) What is your favorite food?
Em loves carrots, which is funny because so do I. Of course I love my carrots roasted with gravy and she likes hers mushed, but it is similar.
2) What are some of your favorite things to do?
Em loves to eat, stand, and yell. Of course me too!
3) What is one of your pet peeves?
If anyone touches her nose she flips, she also hates getting out of the tub.
4) What is your favorite book?
She has a wonderful felt quiet book that Susan Pyle made her and she already likes unsnapping the butterflies and then mommy snaps them back on.
5) What do you want to be when you are older?
A dancer duh (okay she didn't say that I did).
6) What nice things do you do for mommy and daddy?
Sometimes I actually will take nap for mom and dad and sometimes I will sit and play by myself.
7) What naughty things do you do around your house?
Mostly Em is just naughty as she eats and trys to steal the spoon and flick food everywhere.
8) What words do you like saying?
Just screaming.
9) What do you and your daddy do together?
My daddy throws me in the air and lets me eat whatever I want.
10) What do you and your mommy do together?
My mommy does everything for me, but our favorite thing is bath time.
I tag Scarlet, Megan, and Ali!


Tiffany Fackrell said...

the day Cambree learned how to say "please" was the happiest day of my life. I HATED the screaming. She screamed for everything. Well she still screams a lot but definitely more bearable now that she can talk non stop. although, i do have to occasinally tell her to use her words. Oh and when she gets up in the morning, it is the most high pitched excruciating scream you have ever heard in your life. I hope when she is in her big girl bed she will just get out and come tell me she is awake instead of screaming, I hate waking up to that ear piercing scream every morning!! (she is still in her crib and refuses to climb out, i even put the side down to encourage it, and she is too much of a pansy)!!!!

SANDERSON / MCCONKIE FAMILY said... fun!!! My children did not get their first tooth till after their first B-Day! She is a cutie!!!

Lori said...

That is the cutest one-toothed grin I've ever seen.... Give her a big hug and kiss for grandma!!

Crystal and Kyle said...

What a great shot of the tooth! Trey won't let me get near his mouth. He has got 4 molars now! I remember Tyler always trying to feed Trey candy, like swedish fish and me freaking out :) Good times :) We miss you guys terribly.