Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Interview October!

Ty's interviews are our life right now. We have been to two different states and last week Ty went to his first interview with out us and his third state. Denver was his final destination. He flew in the morning and back in the evening, but he seemed to have a wonderful day. The funny thing is Denver has always been Ty and my's inside joke. Ty loves California and I love Moses Lake, or we both just like being close to our families. We knew we would have a hard time picking a final place to end up and so we have always joked that it would be Denver. Meanwhile, neither of us had really been to Denver or had a connection there. Funny story, Ty loved it. Maybe it will be our new home... we will see.

Emree and I drove with Ty to Sacramento, another first for me. We had so so so much fun. Kristy Earl got us a hotel that was across the street from UC Davis. It was perfect because Ty walked to his interview! We spend our first day in Sacramento in "Old Sacramento." We did a scavenger hunt (made for kids older then Emree, but younger then us) and had a blast just looking around. Ty is so fun to go sight seeing with because he just makes me laugh. He will talk to anyone and everyone and he loves looking for clues.

Here is the school and Ty at it. On the day of his interview it rained the hardest it had ever rained in Sacramento since 1962. Just our luck!

Sometimes part of being married means you get to be supported and in some instances you need to be the one supporting the other. Ty wants to be a doctor more than anything and I just want to see him achieve that. This interview process has been one of ups and downs, but one with constant prayer.WE have grown closer to each other and realized that we don't care about the school, we want to go where the Lord wants us, but we do want to go somewhere. Ty needs your love and prayers. We need them. Ty has always been by my side and I am so thankful to be by his!



It will happen soon Danielle. You are such a good support for Ty. Your shared love and experiences are fun to read about. What a blessing in your young life to incredible families. I knew you would do good...I have never seen a young woman with more determination and focus. Consider yourself hugged!

Kristy said...

Dr. Andre...It just has a nice ring to it. It will happen. Glad the hotel helped you out. Good luck.

Susan said...

Oh the interview process. We can completely relate to that! When Terry was trying to find a job, we got to the point where it was, we don't care what we get, just give us something!

Hang in there! It will come! And then remember that you said what ever school, it doesn't matter where.... ;)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Good luck Ty!

Lori said...

I hope Interview October turns into Acceptance November....you are in our prayers constantly and we know you will have a great future ahead of you wherever and whatever it is.

Chris & Alise said...

Danielle!! I'm so excited for you guys and excited to hear where Ty will go. Looks like you have some great options and have had some enjoyable road trips. And baby Emree is getting more and more adorable! She looks so much like the both of you! If you're ever back in Utah let us know so we can do dinner and maybe do some family photos of you guys sometime!

Good luck, we wish you the best!