Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Look Outside!"

I am finally getting to posting Arizona! We went to Arizona last weekend and had a wonderful time.

The night before we left Tyler lost $20 and we were pretty sad. We were searching high and low for it and then Brian sent us a text saying, "Look Outside below your window." Ty wandered out our front door and were surprised by this...

Tyler then texted Brian and asked how he knew the money was there. But I guess what he really wanted us to see was this!

Thanks Andres! We loved our snacks.

Ty had interview number two at ATSU in Mesa, Arizona. The school has a wonderful campus and he looked pretty dang good at it, if I do say so myself. He felt like the interview went really well and Arizona looked pretty good to Em and I.

We stayed at the Andre's friends the Wardrops. They have a wonderful home and it was so fun to meet them. Here is Tami and Emree.

We also hung out with some of our friends from Africa. My friend Stacey has a little boy Camden who Emree spent some time with. Camden is 3 months older and way more advanced. He is a cutie and it was fun to see him.

The car ride was a little longer, but once again it was fun to go on a little adventure with Ty.

Ty will interview at Midwestern in Glendale, Arizona later this month. We checked out their campus while we were there... which one does he look better at?

I am so proud and excited for Tyler and this stage in his life! He is so talented and I can not wait to watch him succeed (got to brag about my honey)!


Emily said...

Oh, how I would love for you guys to end up in AZ :)

Whidget said...

I am happy/proud for Ty, but Ick, I hate Arizona. It's like a gazillion degrees there. ALL the time! I am pulling for that first interview you guys did--Vegas or something, right?



How EXCITING Danielle! I say you just pray you end up where Heavenly Father wants you and the rest will be GOOD! You both have so much to offer and are such a blessing where ever you go! Following your blog is always fun! Consider yourself hugged! Sharon

Carolyn said...

I say he looks better at the second school. Only cause that darn cute baby he is holding. :) Good luck you three!

Susan said...

Oh good luck to you!! I hope you get what ever place you want!

Crystal and Kyle said...

WE like whichever school is closer to us!!!! Good luck Ty.

Lori said...

I completely agree with Crystal and Kyle. We like whichever school is easier for us to visit!!!! (or what makes you happiest....)