Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I like to think I am a pretty talented person. I love doing choreography and editing music. When it comes to placing dancers on a stage I can picture in my head how I want the number to go and most often (okay more often then not) it works out. However, this week I discovered something that I am not talented in...Cake decorating.

It was Ty's birthday and our car was in the shop. There was no running to the grocery store to pick up a cake mix and frosting. There was no walking because people, I live in a scary neighborhood. So, I attempted it all from scratch. I should have just made carmel corn.

It looked descent (Brittany I am here for your wedding cake? lol not really)

Emree still enjoyed walking by and sticking her fingers in it.

We tried some...It was gross.

Sorry Ty! Next time we will go with Betty Crocker.


Cassidy said...

I'm not good at the whole baking thing either. Good decorating skills though!!

Kacey Nielsen said...

ha ha ha! Cake is something that should never be made from scratch. I don't know why but box is just way too good! Why mess with duncan heinz perfection :)

Susan said...

Oh, I know this experience. I can do any kind of cookie, but cakes, not so much.

Besides, .89 cents a box, just do it.

Peggy Dee said...

At least your choreography was good! Nice work Danielle. Sorry I missed it but it sure was fun to come back and see the finished product (well, minus the cleaning!) Thank you and come back soon!!!