Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'd rather be watching t.v. !

This weekend Ty gets a break from school. He has no new material to cover and won't have a test for two weeks. We haven't been in Sacramento for long, so we decided we would do what a tourist would do (a cheap tourist)! So, Saturday morning we woke up and headed off to "Gold Rush Days"! Ty and I were both optimistic that it would be fairly fun and it was FREE! Who can beat that? We even started the day off right by finding ourselves a FREE parking spot. (My mom always says close parking is worth paying and usually I would agree. However, FREE parking meant 5 bucks to spend on something else. Yipee!)

Q: So what exactly is "Gold Rush Days"?

A: They cover the streets of Old Town Sacramento with dirt, fill it with re-enactment actors, horses, gun shows, canons, the mormon battalion, bands, activities, and bam you are in the 1850s. Pretty sweet.

We panned for gold.

Found some.

Wished it was real.

Threw it back.

Enjoyed some pretty sweet gambling. Won some money. Wished it was real. Gave it back.

Watched a gun show.

Glad it was fake.

Emree loved watching the horses go up and down the streets. She could be found with her finger pointed outward, screaming, "Horsee, Horsee!" Multiple times through out the day. She was also pleased as punch when Daddy helped her pet a Donkey - who in her words says "HA HA". Lastly, she seemed to enjoy the music and we caught her dancing quite a few times.

BUT- from the look on her face in most (if not all) of the pictures, I am pretty sure she would rather be at home. Parked in front of the t.v. watching Tarzan and eating yogurt.

That was the happiest she got all day!


Julia said...

But as parents, you had a great day out as a family and that is what counts!

Cassidy said...

This post was great!! I love how we try so hard as parents to do things we think our kids would enjoy, and in the long run, its the super simple things that work best. Like yogurt. Like a cup. Like wrapping paper.

Kacey Nielsen said...

What a fun little event!

I refuse to give in to my children not enjoying good outings. We Nielsens will be an outing people, whether you like it or not!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Uh, of course! When it gets closer we will work out the details.

And dont worry, what you lack in clever quips you make up for in good looking-ness. It all equals out :)

Crystal and Kyle said...

Sounds fun! That's nice to have some quality time with Ty during a busy time like this. We don't see Kyle very much any more. :(