Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Tyler!

I love birthdays because they give us the opportunity to celebrate amazing people in our lives. Today is the day to celebrate Tyler!
Tyler is talented, motivated, hard working and fun! Finding a spouse can kind of be like flipping a coin. You think a person is great, but will they be great forever?! So far, so good. There are so many great things about Tyler that I didn't even realize when I married him. I didn't realize how wonderful of a dad he would be. I didn't realize how much he cared about others and how considerate he is of Emree and my needs. I love him and I hope he has an amazing day and year!


Cassidy said...

Happy Birthday Tyler!


You are both very blessed to have each other...and now a family!!! Life is Good!

Peggy Dee said...

Tyler is one in a million! Glad you found him (or rather Jordan found him for you!) It's time to return the favor Danielle!

Happy Birthday Tyler!!

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Tyler

Bonnie said...

I love you tyler! Happy Birthday! I'm so grateful for you, Danielle, and Emree.