Thursday, July 19, 2012

Messiest Face!

 We went camping last weekend with our friends the Dents, but it was definitely a pretend camping trip. I brought rotisserie chicken for dinner. We went to McDonalds for breakfast and it was only one night of filthiness 20 minutes from our house. But in our defense we had 5 children three and under. Regardless, it was a BLAST! Lots of smiles and giggles and plenty of Marshmallows and DIRT!

Now, for the messiest face contest.... I wonder who the winner will be...
 Contestant #1: Celeste
 Contestant #2 : Olivia
 Contestant #3 : Conner

Contestant #4 : Jesse
 Contestant #5: Emree
 Okay! This may not really say that my kids were the messiest, but that as a mother I failed at wiping off their faces. Come on... we are camping! So, Emree and I win... VICTORY PICTURES!!
  Victory Mallow!

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