Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Memories: Bye Bye Bob Bah!

You rescued me whenever I had a screaming child, which was a lot. You became his only comfort beside me. You put him to sleep every night and woke up with him every morning. You made us both happy. You will be missed more than you know Baby Bottle.

Last week Jesse and I decided it was time for him to be a big boy and so he threw it in the trash. Sippy cups from now on. The transition was so smooth and he has done so unbelievably great. He is becoming such a big kid. 

In fact, I think Emree cared more when hers was gone, but what about your kids? How did you transition out of the bottle?


Kathy said...

That's tough!

Anonymous said...

so tough

Cassidy said...

Awww. Derrick still takes his. I don't think he would care too much if it was gone permanently, but it's ME who can't part with it. hahaha. If he is past the bottle, then he isn't my baby anymore, and I'm not quite ready to part with that yet.