Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Memories: Bye Bye Bob Bah!

You rescued me whenever I had a screaming child, which was a lot. You became his only comfort beside me. You put him to sleep every night and woke up with him every morning. You made us both happy. You will be missed more than you know Baby Bottle.

Last week Jesse and I decided it was time for him to be a big boy and so he threw it in the trash. Sippy cups from now on. The transition was so smooth and he has done so unbelievably great. He is becoming such a big kid. 

In fact, I think Emree cared more when hers was gone, but what about your kids? How did you transition out of the bottle?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Messiest Face!

 We went camping last weekend with our friends the Dents, but it was definitely a pretend camping trip. I brought rotisserie chicken for dinner. We went to McDonalds for breakfast and it was only one night of filthiness 20 minutes from our house. But in our defense we had 5 children three and under. Regardless, it was a BLAST! Lots of smiles and giggles and plenty of Marshmallows and DIRT!

Now, for the messiest face contest.... I wonder who the winner will be...
 Contestant #1: Celeste
 Contestant #2 : Olivia
 Contestant #3 : Conner

Contestant #4 : Jesse
 Contestant #5: Emree
 Okay! This may not really say that my kids were the messiest, but that as a mother I failed at wiping off their faces. Come on... we are camping! So, Emree and I win... VICTORY PICTURES!!
  Victory Mallow!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's Up?!

Vacation Top Ten

1. Jordan and Allison couldn't be a better couple. I love how they compliment each other and all of the things they have in common. They are both amazing, kind, athletic, daring, and fun. 

2. I love being in the Temple all together. We just have one more 17 year old sibling to join us (1 1/2 years). It makes my heart happy to look around and see the smiling faces of each one of my siblings.

3. Park City with Ty's Family was really fun. Lots of talking and just hanging out. Sometimes we get so worried with what we are going to do we don't just sit around and enjoy each other. Ty and I are blessed to come from pretty awesome families.

4. Bowling- Jesse was SO sad he couldn't bowl with the rest of us. He even picked up a 12 pound bowling ball and trying to walk it to me. He is a pretty stubborn kid when he doesn't get what he wants.

5. Jess about bit his tongue off. SERIOUSLY. It is always hanging out of his mouth... so I always knew it would happen. He just hit his chin on the arm of a chair and here you go.... Sad day.

6. Horses with Grandpa and Daddy... my kids are so scared to go on, but LOVE it once they do.

7. Boating at the Sand Dunes. It was fun to share something I loved doing as a kid with my kids and Tyler. 

8. Receptions can be so stressful, but is so amazing to see the people that come and support you. Jordan and Allison have lots of people that love them and we are included.

9. Fourth of July! I put Jesse to sleep (thanks Grandma and Grandpa), but Em sort of liked it :). 

10. Em stuck a nerd candy up her nose on the plane ride home. I thought she had already learned this lesson with the popcorn kernel last year, but I was wrong. Good news though. It only took about 5 minutes to come out. Disaster averted. 

So much more to share, but what a fun two weeks!