Tuesday, March 4, 2014


So I have a kidney stone. Almost everyone in my family has had one. I feel like it may be a slight rite of passage in becomeing a true Baker, but, anyways, I have one. Now, I am hoping it passes... I drank 1 cup short of two liters of Coke in about an hour and a half and ate a bunch of asparagus. It's supposed to help. My Dad says to just drink tons and tons of water, but the coke sort of just left me feeling like I am going to explode. It might be like those things you try to get you into labor... You just end up miserable and nothing happens anyways. Hmm, this night could be interesting. I will keep you posted on my new experiment. :)


Liberty said...

NOOOOOOO! That is awful!! Just have Tyler put an IV drip in you. I wish I was closer so I could come keep you company and we could lock the kiddos outside :) haha jk kinda

Jackie Sarager said...

I got a shot of demerol in the ER. It was awesome. Bless you! Sorry.

Kelsey said...

So a lot of people compare kidney stones to giving birth because of the pain. Your thoughts?? Hope it passed!