Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Tyler made a website and started a business! I married a man who is constantly going in a a million different directions and the newest one is a food storage website. Tyler met a guy name Danny who was selling freeze-dried food storage with over a thirty year shelf life  for an unbelievable price and couldn't help but get involved. The company was only selling their food storage through sales reps and Tyler thought they would do aweseome if they could start selling online. That's when it all started ... Tyler is pretty amazing. You have to check his website out, just to see how talented he is (although he didn't do it alone, I am just bragging on him.) Tyler's website is go there and request a free sample, you won't be disappointed!


the Horton Hurricane said...

your husband is so great. You look so pretty pregnant lady, my mom said you look so much like your mom when she was pregnant.

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

We're going down the Baja Mexico route. It was baically a gift to myself, but I had to invite Kritt of course! LoL I really want to come visit before you can't leave the house!!!