Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Britt!

My cousin Brittany has always been like a big sister to me. I love her so much and whatever love is left over I give it all to her two adorable kids. Ty, Jordan, and I went up to her house last night to celebrate her birthday and we couldn't have had more fun. I am stealing some pictures off of Britt's blog to post of the fabulous night. (FYI Ty and I just bought a new camera! So, we are getting excited to fill our lives with more pictures:) )


Lori said...

Pictures did not work.....AHHHH! But I second the loving Brittany and her kids. (and you guys too!) Pretty cute family we have if I do say so myself.

Brandon and Lindsay said...

Hey, pictures didn't work! I saw a lot of them on Brittany's blog, and they're so cute! I love your outfit with the little blue cardigan opening over your pregnant belly...sooo cute! I wish I could have been there! How are things going for you guys? Have you heard anything about Tyler's medical school??