Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tyler posting here. I figured I had to get online and post these pictures so that I could fool someone into thinking that I was cool. Tonight Jordan and I got the opportunity to go hang out with some of the Utah Jazz players for a charity event with Rising Star Outreach. Through one of my dad's countless connections, he was able to get us in the doors as volunteers. We helped set up a little bit and the rest of the night was a party. Here are some of the pics:

We felt kinda stupid asking someone pretty much our age for a picture, but when else were we going to get this sweet shot with Kyle Korver.

People on our missions often referred to Jordan and me as the "torres gĂȘmeos" or twin towers, but at 7' 6" Shawn Bradley made us feel tiny.

9 foot tall shower heads. Pretty sweet!

Lookin clean Jordan, lookin clean.

So you thought Jeff Hornacek could shoot free throws, you should have seen him serve a ping pong ball. Jeff and I took on Jordan and another guy in a table tennis throwdown. Yeah, we won :)

All Star Carlos Boozer's station

Ronny Price's Locker

Jordan puting the moves on Darrin Williams

Box out!

As you can see, it was a pretty fun night. Thanks dad.


Kelly and Stacey said...

Ok, you are pretty cool. Really, really cool actually!

Peggy Dee said...

You guys look like Happy Meal toys next to Shawn Bradley! What a fun event. So all those guys paid money to come and hang out with you and Jordan? What a great fundraiser. When can we do it in Moses Lake?

Brandon and Lindsay said...

OH...MY...GOSH...I'm so jealous! Bran is going to die when he sees these pics!