Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I definitely would not say I am crafty and my mom will attest. Crafts do not come natural to me, I am not always a perfectionist, I get bored, and I talk to much to get anything done. BUT I refuse to not do crafts. I love doing them. I love when they actually turn out and I love giving gifts I have made to people. It seems so much more personal. In fact, my crafts are kind of like my blog. A little messy and thrown together, but who cares! :)

So, I decided to do a host a little craft get together today. I invited a few women in our ward to make some hair bows. Five women and 3 toddlers and 4 babies later we had survived. I did most of my bows after everyone left lol. I am not sure any one got a lot of crafting done and I should have provided more food (what is a get together with out food), but everyone enjoyed the company.

Here are all the bows I made...

The crafting counter. Thanks to Kim we had a lot of awesome buttons!

Baby Brenden was enjoying the new scenery as he crawled under the table.

Baby Annie was the youngest member of our crafty crew, three and a half weeks! She is so precious and loved the swing as much as my kids do.

Isn't this a great picture of baby Jesse?! haha

Baby Eloise joined the sleeping crew! She is also sporting a bow and headband made by her mom Kim.

Here is the rest of the crew. I didn't get one good picture of the toddlers, but look at those hot mommas!

I seriously wish I was more naturally crafty. What do you wish you were good at?


GayLynn said...

Making hair bows is not so intimidating any more! Thanks so much for hosting! All of your hair bows turned out so cute! Emree is always decked out with the cutest accessories thanks to her crafty momma.

Bobby & Emily said...

Cute bows! I really need to start making Sadie some! I'm glad my tip was helpful! I got a sewing machine from my parents for graduation so I am going to try and be more crafty too! Does your friend have a pattern for the wrap carrier he made you? I want to make one for my sister in law!

Kathy said...

I am craft impaired! I only like to do them with someone else and then I am the luckiest girl if I get them done or if they look good! My best deal is to have everything prepared so that all I have to do is do the craft. Then horror of horrors, I do best if I can copy one that is really cute. It's a bummer. When I am shopping and there is a cute craft or sale, and someone says, "oh you can make that cheaper", I think, "not me, it will cost more to buy the stuff, if I even knew what the stuff was or where to find it, then there are the tools I don't have." And yes, where are the people to show me how to do it? UGH! You hit a sensitive topic :-). Your group is such a good idea, enjoy!

Chelsea Roylance said...

Cute bows! And so fun to get together with friends to make them! I think it would be so fun to make bows but I don't think Martin would go for me putting them on Eli... Haha I guess I'll just have to wait till we have a girl. I keep thinking it would be fun to have a crafting party too, but I've never actually made it happen. You're inspiring me though, I'll have to finally throw one! :)