Friday, April 29, 2011


I would have to say that we know how to spread sickness just as good as we know how to spread jelly. Our poor poor friends.

Monday night Emree threw up. This is where it all began. She was pretty happy right after. Tyler and I tag teamed the clean up and Tyler slept on her floor to make sure everything was all right.

Tuesday morning was my craft get together. I text messaged everyone to let them know Emree had thrown up, but reassured them that it would be fine and that we thought it was just something she ate. Everyone came. Everyone crafted.

Tuesday night in the middle of the night we had another round of throwing up. Ty and I tag teamed the clean up. Another bath, another round of laundry and this time we set the baby monitor up in her room. We had to do that twice that night. Ty slept on the floor and got the third time with a bowl.

Wednesday night "same song, different story." This time I got sick to. I do not throw up, but I was feeling it. While we are cleaning up Emree I had to try my best not to lose it.

Thursday...long day for everyone (did I mention that Friday was Ty's first of many finals). This is when I decided to message all my friends who had come to do crafts. If I wasn't feeling good that means that some of them must have gotten the bug. So far four of them have been infected. What is this bug? Take it away!

Friday or Today... we thought we were better. I felt great, Jesse seems completely unaffected. Emree has gone 24 hours with out throwing up and so we head to the store. I spoke too soon. Poor Emree it was all over the grocery store floor. I fought every thing in me that told me to run and hide my face. I wiped Emree up with a wipe and then went and got an employee to clean up the floor. I told my mom later that I was just glad she hadn't done it in the car.

Friday night...Tyler is not feeling so good. Hmmm this is never ending.I only hope my poor friends will forgive me!


Elasta-Girl said...

Been there. Done that. and definitely feel sympathy for you. This time we aren't throwing up but Kaylee just came down with pneumonia.

GayLynn said...

I don't regret coming over...the crafts and bonding time were worth it. :) We were spared the throwing up, though. I'm so glad we have strong stomachs!