Friday, April 22, 2011


Today I am grateful for "Spray and Wash". It seriously makes my life so much easier. The life of a toddler is messy. The life of a baby is messy. The shoulder and laps of mommies and daddies are messy. I seriously do so much laundry. It doesn't help that Jesse spits up to no end and Emree eats like a bomb went of in her high chair. So far we have four pajamas to wash (mom,dad, emree, jesse). Emree got another pajama shirt dirty because she made me change her after breakfast. Jesse had a blow out diaper and dirtied a shirt and pants, he spit up on two blankets and of course a towel (I am horrible at having a burp rag handy). Emree poured milk all over her first shirt this morning. She got a dish towel dirty that we used as a bib and just so you know we are only half way through the day. I am astounded by how much laundry I do with two kids and wonder how moms with more can handle it all. I seriously want to thank all the moms out there that constantly do laundry for their kids! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Yep. Today I am grateful for "Spray and Wash."

Side note: I am also grateful for Tyler who cleaned my laundry room for me while I was gone. I came home and it was spotless. Aren't husbands seriously the best!!

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