Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fun: Early Birthday!

Seriously, Emree is three. Or at least she will be three tomorrow. I can hardly, hardy believe it. It feels like I was holding my new precious little girl in my arms just yesterday. She has taught us how to laugh, scowl, party, and, at times, be patient. She is my buddy, my friend, my accomplice. I love my little Em Em.
We started the birthday celebration last weekend when Tyler's family came. Tanner and Emree are just one day apart (and 21 years). Happy Birthday Today Tanner!

I accidently won two huge boxes of dress up clothes on e-bay. I spent way too much money, but it made for one very happy birthday girl!

She was also super happy to have her grandpa and grandma Baker here! And so was I. We have been so blessed to be visited by so much family lately.
We spent the morning at Chuck E. Cheese. Emree wanted to spend the whole time in this little car that takes your picture and then gives it to you. She was posing for Chuck E. It was pretty hilarious. Did I mention she is all girl? Jesse's favorite part was me climbing in the crawling toys with him. Seriosuly made me claustrophobic. Not doing that again.

Grandma Lori let Emree pick out her very own princess cake. We didn't get a 'picture moment' of how excited she really was. She says her favorite princess is Aurora.

Last, but not least.... here is a little video of Baby Em. Wow! We are blessed!


Heather Williams said...

Oh my goodness! Emree is so fun, we wish we could be there to celebrate and let Hattie and Emree play dress up to their little hearts content and let Jack and Jesse just be boys together. We wish Emree a very Happy Happy 3rd Birthday!

Grace said...

Happy Birthday to Emree! I can't believe how big she's getting. Aurora was always my favorite princess, too :). So glad your parents and other family could be there to celebrate with you!

Peggy Dee said...

Happy Birthday Emree! Looks like a lot of fun!!

efielding said...

Life doesn't get better than that.
I can't believe how big she looks and her hair is so long.

Anonymous said...

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Lexy and Jared said...

Your babies are getting so big! Crazy, crazy, crazy. Happy late birthday, Em!