Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Memories: Cinderella

Emree had a combined birthday party with one of her really good friends Jonah. They are only ten days apart and so we took advantage of the close birthdays and shared a party.

Brian (Ty's Dad) made the invitation. He is AMAZING! It turned out so cute.

Gaylynn (Jonah's Mom) made the fondant shields and circles. I made the cupcakes and we decorated them together.

I also made these crowns and wands with the artistic direction of my friend Kim and some funds from Grandma Lori.

Then I hand stitched some tulle on to Emree's dress up skirt so that she could have a true ball gown.

The kids would have had fun in the backyard with a big pile of card board boxes, but then us mother's wouldn't have had as much fun... right?!

Side note: Jesse was in heaven! I let him run around like crazy and he ended the day completely tuckered out and covered in dirt. Totally worth it. ;)

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