Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fun: When No One Is Watching...

It is hard to find a balance between watching what your kids are doing and giving them room to grow. I like my kids to be well behaved, kind, and considerate. I also like them to explore, try new things, and just be themselves without the constant influence of me (they get enough influence from me already). So, I try not to be a "Helicopter Mom" and keep my hovering to a minimum.

Emree is cautious and so there isn't much I have to stop her from doing (except being bossy... oldest child syndrome). Jesse is the cutest little leech you ever did see and loves to attach himself to mom. I have to sneak distance between us. However, today both of my kids needed their mom to pay just a little more attention to them.

Emree choose to paint her face while I was watching Jesse.

Jesse choose to stick his grapes in the toilet (we were taking Emree to the potty) before he stuck them in his mouth. FYI it was a clean toilet bowl and while this picture was taken today, it was not taken of the grapes... Those were thrown in the garbage.

What new thing did you allow your kids to learn today?
Don't judge me :)

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