Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Weakness:Falling Behind

I hate falling behind because it makes me want to quit. I would rather stop doing something then be mediocre. Seriously. It is probably one of my very worst personal characteristics. I don't see how good I can become, only how good I am not.

Here is to turning over a new leaf... or at least attempting. I am sure I will have to turn this poor beaten-up leaf over multiple times.

So, I didn't blog for a little over a week... I am back. My family history, meanderings, and somewhat useless thoughts are back to be recorded... Here is what I missed...

Monday Memories was really Terrible Tuesdays... you read it I am sure.

Terrible Tuesdays was really Terrific... Jesse and Emree slept in the same room and we finally turned off the baby monitor. There may have been crying, but we didn't hear a peep!

Wednesday Weaknesses... The Hunger Games. I babysat for a friend and the kids just played for two hours while I read. It was amazing. I love the series and I am now on the last book.

Thursday Therapy... Message Therapy?

Friday Fun...The Andres came for the weekend and we couldn't have been more excited! Basketball games, birthday celebrations, eating out, breakfast at the hotel and everything in between. We packed as much in to three days as we could and we had a blast doing it!

Scatterbrain Saturday... isn't this whole post Scattered?

Simply Sunday... Family. I love how Sunday is always about Family.

Monday Memories...We spent all day at home. I think I may have literally lost my mind for part of the day. I wish I would have just sat back and enjoyed the day, but I think I was a little stressed over random things I couldn't control. My favorite part of the day was when Ty came home and we ate delicious shish kabobs for dinner.

Tuesday Terrors...  The fact that we had a flat tire and I had a dentist appointment.
(Positive note: Ty bought me beautiful flowers, watched the kids for me, and bought me a pizza because he had to go on a youth temple trip and wouldn't be around for dinner. Love him!)

There we go! All caught up!

Oh! and My Mom and Dad came today!


efielding said...

You are so lucky to have both of your sets of parents come visit. Your kids are so cute.

Cher said...

Don't beat yourself up for not being perfect at a blog. (I relate to those thoughts all too well) But trust me you have far more important things to be doing and worring about. We are just happy to see a post when you can.